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Power Excel With MrExcel - 2017 Edition

January 2017

Power Excel With MrExcel - 2017 Edition
This is the print book edition of "Power Excel with MrExcel - 2017 Edition" - by Bill Jelen. Master Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Visualizations, VLOOKUP, Power BI and Data Analysis.

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  • 617 Excel Mysteries Solved.
  • Each featured topic has a problem statement and description, followed by a broad strategy for solving the problem.

Many Excel books try to go in a serial fashion through every single Excel option. These books are tough to use. No one at my dinner table ever uses the word "concatenation" in dinner conversation. How would you know to turn to the chapter on concatenation when you need to learn how to join a column of first names with a column of last names?

This book offers 617 real-life business problems. Each topic starts with a problem and then provides a strategy for solving the problem. Some topics may offer additional details, alternate strategies, results, gotchas, and other elements, as appropriate to the topic. You will never have to go hunting for "Concatenation". Instead, turn to the topic on "How to join two text columns".

If you use Excel 20-40 hours per week, you will save 50 hours a year with the tips in this book.

We will ship you a print edition of the book. While you are waiting for the FedEx Home guy to arrive, you can download 3 DRM-free editions: PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats. When you buy the book from this website, it is hassle-free with no DRM (Digital Rights Management).

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