Programming PowerPoint with VBA

February 2022

Programming PowerPoint with VBA

Control PowerPoint with VBA

Use your Excel VBA skills to automate PowerPoint!

Bill Jelen, MrExcel

category: VBA
covers: Microsoft 365, PowerPoint, Office 2016

Product Details
  • 57 Pages
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-61547-163-8

This book assumes you already use PowerPoint and want to automate or enhance your presentations using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). 

This book includes VBA samples for working with layouts, themes & masters, creating tables, drawing objects, charting, animation effects and event programming. It also includes a chapter for interfacing between PowerPoint and Word, Excel, Access or Outlook.

  1. Basic Operations

    • Introduction
    • Creating a simple presentation
    • Object Browser and Intellisense
    • Saving as PDF
    • Bulleted lists and pictures
    • Changing views
  2. Layouts, Themes and Masters

    • Applying a pre-existing theme
    • Resetting the theme font
    • Listing Master and Layout Names
    • Customizing Master fonts
    • Adding a new layout
  3. Creating Tables

    • Inserting and formatting
    • More table formatting
    • A 3D Table
    • Merging and splitting cells
  4. Drawing and Manipulating Objects

    • Creating random shapes
    • Building free form shapes
    • Inserting a 3D shape
    • Deconstructing a shape
    • Adding Smart Art
  5. Charting

    • Generating a simple chart
    • Chart types
    • A donut chart with offset
    • Making Bubbles
    • A Two Level Axis Label
    • Tree maps and Sun bursts
  6. Animation Effects

    • Adding sounds
    • Sequential effects for a shape
    • Slowly drawing a rectangle
    • A bouncing moon
    • Filling a tank
    • Something that does not work
  7. Working with Events

    • Initializing events manually
    • Enabling events via an add-in
  8. Interactive Presentations

    • The Quiz Creator
    • Valves and Piping
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • How to use this project
  9. Interfacing with other Applications

    • Early binding versus late binding
    • Excel and PowerPoint
    • Word and PowerPoint
    • Access and PowerPoint
    • Outlook and PowerPoint
    • One Note and PowerPoint
  10. Customizing the Ribbon

    • Initializing events
    • Creating a new Ribbon tab
    • Conclusion

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