Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA

October 2003

Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA

I can't believe what you can do with Excel VBA! This training got me up to speed!

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  • 755 Slides
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

Unleash the Power of Excel VBA

VBA is the macro language packaged with every version of Excel since 1995. Using VBA macros, you can do everything from automating redundant tasks for your own use to developing full applications for your co-workers. Even if you took a programming class 10 years ago, Excel VBA seems tough to learn. It is not like the BASIC you are used to. The recorded macros rarely work the way you want them to. This course, developed by college professor Dr. Gerard Verschuuren is the answer. He is author of Join the Excellers League and Excel for Scientists.

Completely Visualized!

Learn Excel VBA in full color. Every slide has rich illustrations to demonstrate the concept.

Completely Visualized
Completely Visualized

Self-Paced with Self-Checks!

Click through the slides at your own pace. Every few slides, there will be a multiple choice question to ensure you've mastered recent concepts. These are the same concepts taught during Dr. Verschurren's Excel Seminars. He has taught Excel to 1000's of people. The next best thing to flying to New Hampshire or Massachusetts for the course, it to buy this CD!

Real-World Examples!

The examples used during the course are worth the cost of the course alone. Learn how to automate annoying Excel tasks in the process of taking the course.

Real World Examples
Real World Examples

Look at everything you will learn!

You get three complete modules on the CD covering 775 slides.

  • Module 1 - Basics of Excel VBA (233 slides)

    • Objects: Their properties and methods.
    • Recording Macros + Editing their code
    • Controlling code with If and Select
    • Methods vs. Functions
    • Use Message Boxes and Input boxes
    • Using Variables for values and objects
    • Controlling Charts and Pivot Tables.
  • Module 2 - How to Calculate with Excel VBA (273 slides)

    • Loops: Do / For / For Each
    • Manipulating cells and ranges
    • Using Functions in VBA Code
    • Using relative and absolute formulas
    • Using temporary arrays
    • Using array functions
    • Creating your own functions
  • Module 3 - Let VBA Interact with the User (269 slides)

    • Buttons
    • List Boxes
    • Combo Boxes
    • Creating User-Forms for User Interaction
    • Data Validation: Checking the user's data entry
    • Creating Custom Methods
    • More on Events: Having things done at the right moment
    • Error Handling: Making your application more professional.

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