Excel Video Medley

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Each video runs from 4 to 14 minutes. The complete table of contents:
General Excel Operations
1. Manipulating Date and Time in Excel
2. Dropdown Boxes for a Variety of Lists
3. Dropdown Boxes with Unique Entries in Excel
4. Trouble When Numbers Are Not Numbers
5. Autonumbering of Records in an Excel Spreadsheet
6. Creating Advanced and Calculated Filters in Excel
7. Allowing Other Users to Change Your Excel Spreadsheets
Excel Formulas
8. How to Use the FREQUENCY Function in Excel
9. Nested Functions in Excel
10. VLOOKUP on Multiple Columns or Tables
11. INDEX beats VLOOKUP in Excel
12. INDEX and MATCH with Wildcards
13. Streamlining Data Entry in Excel
14. The Power of SUMIFS in Excel Reports
17. An Array Formula for STDEV-IFS
18. Mean, Median, and SD for Grouped Data
19. Solving 3 Equations with 3 Unknown X's
20. Subtotals with OFFSET, ROWS, ROW, and MOD
21. The Power of Range Names in Excel Formulas
22. Make Range Names in Your Excel Formulas Dynamic
23. Conditional Formatting with Formulas
Charts & Graphs
24. Creating Charts in Excel
25. Creating Markers in Your Excel Charts-Graphs
26. Percentile Markers in an Excel Chart
27. How Do I Create Error Bars in Excel Charts
28. Does Excel Have a Broken Axis
29. 3D Charts and Graphs in Excel
30. A Comparative Histogram in Excel
31. Extrapolation and Forecast
32. Excel Tricks- Automatic change of chart data
33. Pie Charts with Automatic Data Changes
34. The Perfect Bell Shape Curve
Tables & Pivot Tables
35. What-If Analysis with a Data Table
36. Table of Frequency Distributions in Excel
37. Tricks to Create Totals and Filter Them
38. Creating a Summary Based on Several Spreadsheets
39. Compare a New List with an Old List in Excel
40. Pivot Table Secrets
41. Pivot Table Secrets in Excel
42. How to Tackle Some Pivot Table Hurdles
43. Pivot Table Calculations- Manually or with VBA
44. Table Structure and Calculations
Science & Statistics
45. Sampling Sizes and Sampling Tools
46. Statistical Testing for Normality in Excel
47. How to Deal with Skewed Data
48. Outliers in Research
49. Trends, interpolation, and extrapolation
50. Curve Fitting in Excel
51. Curve Fitting for a Hyperbolic Curve
52. LINEST Can Do What TREND Cannot Do
53. Multiple Regression with Excel's LINEST
54. Correlation, Range Names, and INDIRECT
55. Confidence Intervals vs. Prediction Intervals
56. EC50 and IC50 Determination in Excel
57. Confidence and Prediction Limits for EC50 and IC50
58. Testing for Statistical Significance in Excel
59. The Chi-Squared Significance Test
60. ANOVA or Analysis of Variance in Excel
61. Temperature Fluctuations- Results May Vary
62. A Data Table Simulation with Memory
63. Frequency Simulations with Memory
64. Monte Carlo Simulations in Excel
65. Simulation of Taking Binomial Samples from Populations
66. Simulating Genetic Drift in Excel
67. Monte Carlo Simulation of Random Walk in Evolution
68. Monte Carlo Simulation of Mendel's Laws in Excel
69. Monte Carlo Simulation of Natural Selection
70. Monte VCarlo Simulation of Juror Selection in USA
71. Monte Carlo Simulation of DNA Sequencing in Excel

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