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Bill JelenBill Jelen is an accomplished speaker and writer on topics including but not limited to the following:

Look Who Stripped the Veil From Excel!

Only one person could do it. He's "Mr Excel" himself, Bill Jelen. And he has written Learn Excel From MrExcel , heralded as the "Excel Bible," published in September 2005 through Holy Macro! Books. No one in the world knows more about the wily ways of Excel than Bill Jelen, whose wildly popular website has taken the computer world by storm for its Excel tips, books, self-help resources, free tech help and consulting. Jelen's latest book is a definitive "How To" for Excel usage. No more Mr. Software Nice Guy, Bill Jelen strips away the standard overlay and shows how to turn plain Jane computer code into fresh, workable solutions for today's projects and uses. He gives Excel users a refreshing view of how to transform tedious, manual tasks into productive, effective one-button-click procedures. Learn step by step how to get done what you wanted done in Excel. Amazing charts. Procedures spelled out in easy-to-follow detail. Specific tasks and their solutions outlined in clear simplicity. Learn Excel From MrExcel shines light on Excel secrets and promises meaningful results when you apply his world-renowned knowledge.

Who Wrote the Book On Excel? Why ,"Mr Excel" Himself, Of Course!

Newly released in September 2005, Learn Excel From MrExcel was written by the man who knows Excel better than anyone else on earth -- "Mr Excel" Bill Jelen. Jelen's newest has earned its reputation as "The Real Excel Bible". Jelen is also the author of Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel and two two CD ROMS, 1600 Excel VBA Examples CD-ROM and Excel Knowledge Base , an archive of the first several years of MrExcel Q&A content.

Eeking Excel-lence Out Of Excel

When the brightest MBA candidates at Notre Dame could not pass a tough Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet test in the 1980’s, Bill Jelen realized that millions of accountants and office workers were in deep trouble. America’s leading accountants and business professionals faced days filled with tedious manual tasks, simply because they and their IT specialists were unable to tap the power behind Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—the building blocks of Excel—and make the most commonly used office software in the world perform.

FINALLY...the Excel Bible Is Here! And the people said, A-MEN!

IT programmers and accountants know there is a visual basic programming language behind Excel, but most are not able to program it. In 2005, Jelen literally wrote the book on Excel: Learn Excel From MrExcel, published by Holy Macro! Books. Heralded as the definitive “how to” for using Excel, Jelen’s book is just part of the reason he was dubbed “Mr. Excel.” His company also owns and markets three Excel-based software applications for auto dealerships, plumbing companies and the home construction industry, with others being developed as demand arises.

Putting America's most popular spreadsheet software to money saving use in auto dealership, plumbing and home construction industries.

Bill Jelen owns and markets three commercial Excel-based software applications for auto dealerships, plumbing companies and the home construction industry. Find out how his house scheduler utility, a custom plumbing quotation utility and “F&I Menu Wizard”, a proprietary program for car dealerships simplify data input and output, speeds up process increase profits

HELPDESK HURRAH!: Why Pay for Tech Support When You Can Get It FREE?

At any time of the day at you can find top professional programmers and Excel gurus—paid by some of the largest corporations on the planet— on the message boards giving away their expertise FOR FREE. Who needs an official help desk when you have nice-guy volunteers who simply enjoy helping strangers from around the world! Who are these good guy gurus? Why are they working as unofficial techies for tens of thousands of office workers around the globe who access each year?

New Excel VBA Training CD to be released in July

Professor Gerry Verschuuren has taught hundreds of people how to program in Excel VBA. Now, get his COMPLETE 700+ slide curriculum on one CD from Holy Macro! Books

Excel 2003 – why upgrading won’t help you get the most from Excel

With Microsoft Office 2003 hitting the market in July, Bill Jelen is collecting survey results from 1,000 respondents to determine the extent of Excel knowledge and whether shelling out $100 is worthwhile for less than a dozen new features in the 2003 upgrade. So far Jelen's survey is finding that less than half of these Excel users are not making use of the incredibly powerful features that they already have— but they don't know how to use! Go to (you will have to vote before you can see the results to date)

The battle over Excel

IT programmers and accountants know there is a visual basic programming language behind Excel, but most are not able to program it. There is a huge dichotomy in corporations - the accounting department uses Excel, but IT sees it as a product unworthy of real development efforts. If you could marry the accountant's knowledge of Excel with the IT's knowledge of Visual Basic, an amazing synergy emerges. MrExcel Bill Jelen spent some of his career in each camp - working as a programmer first and then 10 years in the accounting, finance and operations deparments and has seen the power that can come from getting both sides together.

Two ways to program any solution - the easy way or the right way

With huge backlogs, the IT department is under pressure to develop solutions in a faster and faster manner. When the accounting department requests "XYZ", the smart programmer will see that "XYZ" will take an hour to program, but "XZY" sounds really close, will only take five minutes to program and will only cost the accountant three extra mouse clicks per journal entry. Due to the incredible backlog in IT departments, most programmers will take the five minute solution instead of the 60 minutes solution. However, if the accountant has to use this program for the next five years, 24 journal entries a day. That is 5 years x 250 work days x 24 journal entries x 3 extra clicks x 5 seconds each for 125 wasted hours over the next 5 years. The programmer has to program it ONCE, and the accountant has to use it 30,000 times, it always makes sense to avoid the easy way and program it the right way. The programmer has an option to save 55 minutes, but this adds up to significant lost production and revenue for the user. “Having worked in both the IT department and the 10 years in accounting and finance, I know how bad code complicates your job.”

Why outsource your IT Support?

Find out why the trend is away from the internal IT department and toward outsourcing. A virtual programmer keeps the consultant off the payroll and is quicker, better, less expensive, and doesn’t take up equipment and a cubicle. Traditional on-site consultants charge $100/hr. for a minimum of 40 hours and can string out the work as long as they can.

Accounting Scandals:What are the secrets of Excel?

Can you prevent auditing mistakes and win over investors? Excel auditing capabilities are unveiled and detailed in Jelen’s books. GURU GIFTS for the Excel Nut! Every office has one: the Excel guru. Who can make Excel do things that no ordinary person would think possible. MrExcel boasts a new line of 26 gift products for that unofficial Excel techie who everyone calls on to keep the office going. They can be viewed at:

Sporting humor only a true techie can appreciate—or understand!—items include: mugs, apparel, and the coup de grace: an Excel function wall clock with the numbers replaced by a clever Excel formula equivalent to that number. The clock is reminiscent of the clocks featured in the now-defunct Signals and Wireless catalogs from Minnesota Public Radio, and was designed by former Signals and Wireless creative, Mark Simonson. The clock can be seen at: Excel Function Clock. Cost will be $14.95.