Printing in Excel 2007

May 01, 2008

Excel 2007 introduces a new way to visualize your worksheet before you print it. See the actual white space, margins, headers, and footers right in the worksheet.

Page Layout View

Excel 2007 adds the new Page Layout View. To access this view, use the icon in the lower right of the Excel window:

In this mode, you can see the worksheet as it will print. You will see white space, headers, footers, etc.

To edit a header or footer, click in one of the 6 zones on each page, In the image above, the mouse pointer is above the right header.

When you are editing a header, you have a new Ribbon tab for Header & Footer Tools Design. This tab provides brand new settings for Excel 2007 such as having a different heading for the first page or different for odd and even pages.


To have an ampersand appear in a header, use two ampersands!

To the right of the Page Layout icon, a new zoom slider lets you quickly adjust the zoom. If you zoom to 10%, you can see dozens of pages at once: