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Microsoft Excel Tips & Solutions from MrExcel


Excel Tutorials and Resources:

Excel Forum:

The fastest way to get an answer to your Excel problem is to post it to the new MrExcel Forum. The Excel Forum answers over 30,000 questions a year for free and is the most popular section of MrExcel.

Excel Podcasts:

Excel Articles:

  • The Excel Daily News - by Bill 'MrExcel' Jelen: a daily e-publication designed to keep you informed on up-to-the-minute Excel Technologies and More!

  • There are over 485 articles published here where MrExcel explains, in plain English, powerful ways to make Excel sing. Peruse the Excel article archive.

Excel Consulting:

For problems that are more complex, or if you need a complete application, hire MrExcel Consulting to do Excel or Office consulting by e-mail. MrExcel and a team of consultants work full time developing applications that work with Excel, Access and all of the Office Applications. We develop applications of various sizes for clients around the world, from Western Australia to Argentina to Palo Alto, California to London, England. We offer expertise in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

MrExcel Engineering and Graphics Division: Mala manages our MrExcel Engineering & Graphics Division, which specializes in developing solutions to engineering problems and creates some of the most incredible graphics automation macros. Whether you are looking for engineering graphs or new chart types, check out Mala's work at the MrExcel Graphics & Engineering Division. The Engineering division can automate your Excel to AutoCad needs or custom design a new chart type for you.

Excel Training and Seminars:

E-Mail Microsoft Excel Support:

E-mail your problem to MrExcel. The best problems will be published on this site, in either the Daily Tips Weblog or as a Tip of the Week with our solutions. Due to the volume of mail received, MrExcel can not respond personally to all requests. Why am I giving away Excel answers? Your questions are helping me write a book of Excel tips. I'm betting the problem that is plaguing you is plaguing others out there. Note: MrExcel uses Excel 2010 & 2013. For questions which are specific to a Mac or to Excel 4.0, MrExcel will not be able to help. Try the Excel forum.

Excel Books and Products

MrExcel's Books - All of MrExcel's great books are available for purchase at the MrExcel Store. Learn how you can earn a commission for referring customers through our Affiliate Program.

Our Bestselling Books


"Learn Excel 2007 Through Excel 2010" by Bill Jelen
"Learn Excel 2007
Through Excel 2010"
by Bill Jelen

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Excel 2013
In Depth
by Bill Jelen

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MrExcel's Top Sellers

Excel 2007 Power Bundle Excel 2010 Pro Power Bundle
Excel 2010
Pro Power Bundle

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Holy Macro!
It's 2,500 VBA Examples

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Power Excel Seminars

My favorite part of being MrExcel is traveling to entertain and inform people with my Power Excel Seminars. There are now three versions of this seminar available on DVD-ROM.

LiveLessons DVD picture
Power Excel 2013

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LiveLessons DVD picture
Excel VBA and Macros

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See more Power Excel Seminar Products



Excel for Professionals Series

Maximize your efficiency in Excel at work or for your business.

Excel for Auditors Book
Excel for Auditors

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Excel for the Small Business Owner Book
Excel for the Small Business Owner

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See more Excel for Professionals Series Books



Excel Business Solution Series

Learn Excel quickly and in a concise method using Bill Jelen's proven techniques and tips.

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel 2013 Book
VBA and Macros
for Microsoft Excel

(Excel 2013)

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Charts and Graphs for Excel 2013 Book
Charts and Graphs for Excel 2013

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See more Excel Business Solution Books



Visual Learning Series

Visual training on Excel and other Microsoft Office programs with self-checks. Learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Excel 2007 Expert DVD-Rom Picture
Excel 2007 Expert

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Excel 2013 VBA
Excel 2013 VBA

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All Excel Books & Products: In cooperation with Holy Macro! Books, there are now 35+ titles available at the MrExcel Store:

You can now find these books at your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, MicroCenter, Indigo and many indepdendent bookstores.
If you need a single book shipped to the United Kingdom, or the United States, you can save on shipping using one of these ExcelBookstore sites:

Looking for Excel books written in another language? Check out some of the international titles.


Recommended Products, Software, and Services for Excel

Excel Products

  • EmployTest - Test your potential job applicants efficiency in Excel! The interactive (not multiple choice) Excel tests show you exactly what they know or don't know. To see how it works or to get a free sample test, email us at

  • Visit for a full line of mugs and shirts with sayings that all true Excel fans will understand.

Excel Guru Shirt

       Just Back away from the keyboard!

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Excel Guru Mug

     Friends Don't Let Friends Use Lotus

You can also buy the MrExcel logo on our new shirts, mugs, clocks at

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Excel Function Clock
  Excel Function Clock
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License Plate Frame
    License Plate Frame
  • MrExcel's Recommended Books Bookstore - There are many other great Excel books out there. Let MrExcel recommend a perfect book for users at various levels. Visit the MrExcel Bookstore to read my review and then purchase the cream of the crop of Excel books over the Internet.

  • Excel Easy offers a free fully illustrated Excel tutorial.

Excel Add-Ins

  • Create amazing 5-D Scatterplots (3-D + size + color) using 5-D Chart Add-In.

  • Speed up your spreadsheets using Fast Excel V3 from Charles "Fast" Williams.

  • Convert PDF to Excel or Word using Able2Extract. It is annoying how people use PDF now to ensure that you can not change their data. This easy-to-use utility will grab data from PDF files and quickly send it to Excel or Word. The Pro version can even take the super-hard-to-crack PDF files where all of the text is saved as an image and convert it to Excel. Check out my review of the product with screenshots.

  • Finally upgrading from Excel 2003? Add Excel 2003 Menus to the Ribbon!

  • If you want to take your worksheets to the web, check out KDCalc.

  • Auditors: If you need to crunch through millions of records, check out ActiveData for Excel.

  • Are you working with big Excel workbooks that are difficult to maintain because of their size? Then Jedox is for you. Jedox is an advanced data store for Microsoft Excel that allows you to handle large amounts of Excel data on a small number of worksheets. In addition, it also allows you to share Excel data real-time with your colleagues. Click here for more information.

  • If you have to deal with massive amounts of data, you have to try out the AMAZING EASY-XL Add-in. You will wonder how you ever lived without it. Unlike the general-purpose utility add-ins, this POWERFUL add-in truly extends the power of Excel. Here are some of the features:

    • Do Access in Excel

    • Simplify PivotTable

    • Complex Filter

    • Merge (Join)

    • Sort, Random, & More

    Free 30 Day trial. You will be AMAZED.

  • The number one complaint is from people suffering from a corrupt Excel file that will not open. Recover hours or days of lost work with these products or services!

    • ExcelFIX Software: Recover data, charts, images, comments, merged cells, groups and outlines, subtotals, and all the formula elements from a Microsoft® Excel file that shows an error on opening in 15 minutes.

    • the web source of data recovery software for email, databases and office productivity applications. Over 40 quality software products are available to meet your data recovery needs.

    • Or, if you want to hire someone to solve your corrupt file problem, Florent Chassignol has launched a service called The Excel recovery software is pretty easy to use, but if you would rather hire someone, give Florent a try. Send your file to Florent, and they will recover the entire file. The ExcelWordRecovery service can also recover files from damaged floppy disks. As a special offer, list the Discount Code of "" at ExcelWordRecovery and receive 10% off the price of their excellent service.

  • Want to lose weight? Try the new Weight Loss Boss from Ron Martin, author of Success Made Easy.

  • Need to do Rollups? Read about the amazing new software to manage rollups from Balenz.

  • Want to duplicate your Excel calculators on a web page? Convert Excel to JavaScript using Excel Everywhere

  • Lost Passwords? The software at can help. If you have just one file to decrypt, try the new service from They offer instant online recovery service for password protected MS Word and Excel files, with free online preview of encrypted file content!

  • Check out this cool Formula Manager Add-in for $29.95

  • If you are a techie who has to have the coolest toys, you should check out the Neural Network Tool for Excel. This add-in will help you forecast business, financial or sports outcomes.

  • Excel OCX for VB Programmers is a powerful ActiveX Control with over a hundred useful functions to assist in exchanging data between Excel and Visual Basic and much more using COM technology! Included in the download is a sample Visual Basic project which demonstrates the power of Excel OCX. Try it now and see for yourself how your programming time can be cut down drastically with this handy control!

  • Contractors - while we can design a custom program exactly for your business, first check out these affordable Excel programs: HomeCOST Estimator, RemodelCOST Estimator, RepairCOST Estimator, JobCOST Controller, PaintCOST Estimator, General Cost Estimator, ContractorPACK Advantage, Remodel Pack, BuilderPACK Advantage, or FloorCost Estimator.

  • In his book, Beautiful Evidence, Edward Tufte introduced the concept of SparkLines. A SparkLine compresses intense amounts of data into a word-sized graphic like the ones shown below. SparkMaker allows you to add SparkLines to Excel. The free version can produce simple sparklines like the left example below. The Basic edition adds the SparkBars and the Pro Edition adds Excel functions to dynamically generate multi-color SparkLines. In the top right example, the monthly stock price for Google for 28 months. The red bar is the low, the blue bar is the high. Below that, the monthly stock price for Microsoft. Rather than show the current value of something on a dashboard, add a SparkBar to show the history of that number.

  • Charley Kyd is the king of Excel dashboards. He has put together an EXCEL-lent kit showing how to make cool dashboards using nothing more than Excel. You get his e-book plus 18 sample files. I love this kit! Anyone responsible for reporting data to managers should have a copy of the Dashboard kit

  • If you are tired of Intuit's Quicken, check out XLYourFinances for a $29.95 Excel-based tool for managing your finances.

Excel Services

  • Chank Foundry: Design with Chank Fonts.

  • MrExcel has partnered with EmployTest to offer tests to insure your job applicants have what it takes! It’s fast, efficient and will give you confidence to make a smarter hiring decision. The result is an easy to read Score Report, which is instantly emailed to you. We're offering a special deal to MrExcel site visitors! For more information see this page on Pre-employment tests by EmployTest.


Interact within the MrExcel Community

  • Become a fan of on Facebook and get the latest news on seminars, webinars, and all that is happening in the MrExcel community.

  • Challenge of the Month: Take a stab at solving an Excel Challenge and win fame and fabulous MrExcel merchandise.

  • Check out the free cool spreadsheets developed by the MrExcel community. Donate yours too!

  • To have your question appear on a future MrExcel Learn Excel Podcast, leave a comment in any of my videos on YouTube.

  • Check out our photo album of various people we've met from the MrExcel community.

  • Can You Total That Diagonally For Me? Seasoned Excel veterans will appreciate this feature, which looks at the bizarre and seemingly impossible requests handed down from real managers. To qualify for inclusion here, the problem must cause's brain to nearly explode.

  • MrExcel Information

  • I am honored to have received the Excel black belt from Colo and the Road to the Cell Masters.
    Black Belt

  • Bill Jelen is proud to have been named 2003 Computer America Guest of the Year.

  • Daily Tips Weblog: Visit my Daily Tips Weblog for a dose of Excel solutions, reviews on new Excel products, and updates of what's happening at MrExcel.

  • Catch my appearance discussing Excel for Marketing Managers on the Anita Campbell Radio Show.

  • Bill made 86 appearances on TechTV's Call for Help and The Lab with Leo Laporte. While these episodes originally aired from 2005 to 2008, they may still be seen in syndication. If you are looking for show notes from an episode, visit my complete list of TechTV appearances.


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