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Learn Excel 97 through Excel 2007 From MrExcel - 377 Excel Mysteries Solved

Bonus! - Get an E-Book Copy for FREE!!

  "I never thought there could be so
many 'secrets' just laying there in front of me.
This book has helped me become more
efficient already."

     -Odd Ingerson Halvorson,
      Order Management Helpdesk, Cisco

Learn Excel 97 through Excel 2007 From MrExcel by Bill Jelen

"Includes 100 more tips than the previous edition. Instructions have been expanded to include commands in either Excel 2007 or Excel 97-2003."

This is an in-depth look at the topics from Bill's Power Excel Seminar. In the process of solving 377 real-world business problems, you will learn how to use Excel more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Updated to cover Excel 97 through Excel 2007, this book includes 100 new topics. There are three ways to get this book:

"Each featured topic has a problem statement and description, followed by a broad strategy for solving the problem."

Many Excel books try to go in a serial fashion through every single Excel option. These books are tough to use. No one at my dinner table ever uses the word "concatenation" in dinner conversation. How would you know to turn to the chapter on concatenation when you need to learn how to join a column of first names with a column of last names?

This book offers 377 real-life business problems. Each topic starts with a problem and then provides a strategy for solving the problem. Some topics may offer additional details, alternate strategies, results, gotchas, and other elements, as appropriate to the topic. Each chapter wraps up with a summary and a list of any Excel commands or functions used in the chapter. Commands are given separately for Excel 2007 and Excel 97-2003. You will never have to go hunting for "Concatenation". Instead, turn to the topic on "How to join two text columns".

Over the course of reading through these business solutions, you will encounter every important Excel function and tool.

A Note About Versions
The original edition of Learn Excel from MrExcel offered 277 tips that applied to Excel 97 through Excel 2003.

The second edition offers 377 tips. Throughout the book, I've updated the screen shots to use Excel 2007. I still include the command sequences to solve the problems in both Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007. You will find that 28 topics were removed from the original book (or consolidated with other topics.) That means there are 127 new topics in the book. Of the 127 new topics, you will find that 64 of them are applicable to Excel 2007 only. Particularly at the front of the book, I have 17 topics in a sequence to help the person who was just upgraded to Excel 2007. However, throughout the rest of the book, you will find 63 brand new tips that will apply equally well to Excel 97 through Excel 2007. Even in many of the tips that have been in both books, I've added new text to the topic to make the tip better. Even if you own the first edition of the book and still use Excel 2003, you will find many new techniques in the book. For example, here are a few of the new topics that apply to Excel 97-2003 (you can check them out in the free download below).
  • Add Word's menus to Excel - Page 99
  • Add the worksheet tab name to a cell in the worksheet - page 210
  • Use AutoSum after filtering a dataset to create an ad-hoc query total - page 254
  • Track negative time in Excel - page 359
  • Track work days - page 363
  • Turn data on its side using formulas - page 380
  • A faster way to copy subtotals from a subtotaled data set - page 447
For the list of 64 topics that apply mostly to Excel 2007 see this page.
For the list of 65 new topics that that apply to all versions of Excel see this page.

"Almost as good as being live and in person at Jelen's Power Excel Seminar."

If you ever find yourself in Akron, Ohio - you should make sure to attend Bill Jelen's Power Excel Seminar at the University of Akron. Jelen will have you laughing while you learn more about Excel than you thought possible. If you use Excel 20+ hours a week, attending this seminar will save you 100+ hours per year.

My research at MrExcel shows that for the 10 most powerful spreadsheet tools, less than 45% of the people make regular use of each tool. My seminars are popular because I reveal how to really make use of these tools. I show real-life business examples, show how the tool can dramatically improve your efficiency. But... I will also tell you the dark side of any tool. I will tell you the Gotchas and problems that can crop up when you try to use the tool. This is oh-so-important - when you try to use a tool for the first time and you don't know the gotchas, you will have a less-than-pleasant experience.

Read what others have commented about this book:

"His no-nonsense approach and "Everyman's' explanation help those of us who are not 'propeller heads', but still need to harness Excels power to do what we want & need it to do. I've saved countless hours of aggravation and fustration through his guidance, in turn, saving our shop $ and LOTS of user hours. There is no substitute for MrExcel!! "

"MrExcel's tips will take you from Excel Zero to Hero in no time flat! This book is sure to make you the "MrExcel" at your office!"

"I have never read anything about the computer or computer programs so well written and easily followed, with clear diagrams and explanations. I am one of those people that cannot read directions, but these Excel lessons changed all that."

"View the Book - for Free!"

My goal with Learn Excel 97 through Excel 2007 from MrExcel is to get this version in the hands of 5 million people. You can help by downloading the book and passing it on to your co-workers, etc. Some percentage of people who get the book will buy a print copy or will buy a printable e-book, so I believe that the counter-intuitive strategy of giving the whole book in one download will work fine. Personally - I think many people enjoy the physical feel of a book and will be willing to invest in a real copy of the book for yourself or even everyone on the accounting staff. Plus - if you don't agree it is a 5-star book, you don't have to buy it. This is the ultimate try-it-before-you-buy-it plan.

This free offer was originally aired on the daily, two-minute Learn Excel from MrExcel Video Podcast. Find the download to an e-book on this page celebrating the 500th episode!

Product Details
Paperback: 926 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 9.2 x 7.5 x 2
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; Second edition (November 2007)
ISBN: 978-1-932802-27-6
Price: $39.95


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