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Free Add-In to post VB code at the MrExcel Message Board from Excel


This free add-in will let you convert your Visual Basic code to an HTML "image" that looks the same way as in the VB Editor, that is, comments appear green, some words (Like Dim, Sub, As, End, etc.) appear blue to identify them.  It will also mantain the indent level of the code.

It was based on the very popular HTML Maker add-in from Colo, and was developed by Juan Pablo González with some extensive collaboration from other MrExcel MVPs (XL-Dennis, Ivan F Moala, Colo, dk, NateO, TsTom to name a few).

The program will add 4 new controls in two different command bars.  One, the Tools menu of the VBE main bar, and two, to the right click popup menu of the code pane window.  These four new controls are:  "Convert selected code as HTML", " Convert current procedure as HTML", "Convert selected code as BB Code" and "Convert current procedure as BB Code".  It will convert a selected portion of the code or the entire module if no selection has been made.

Download the Add-In Consulting can be hired to implement this concept, or many other cool applications, with your data. provides examples of Visual Basic procedures for illustration only, without warranty either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The Visual Basic procedures on this web site are provided "as is" and we do not guarantee that they can be used in all situations.


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