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"Learn VSTO based
on your knowledge
of VBA."
-Bill Jelen,




From VBA to VSTO (eBook)

"Ease your VSTO apprehension!"

An open letter from Bill Jelen:
Like you, I am among a generation of people who use and rely on VBA as Excel's macro language. There are contingents within Microsoft that want to shift the focus away from VBA. In Excel 2003, there were actually a few tasks that could no longer be programmed in VBA - you had to use Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). New features like smart tags or the research task pane required you to use VSTO instead of VBA. I will admit - VSTO scares me. I can't get my arms around it. All of the training so far is designed to teach a VB.Net programmer how to do a few things with Office. There is nothing out there that will take someone who is comfortable with VBA and introduce them to VSTO.

Gerry Verschuuren has written a number of cool training materials that I publish. You might have learned VBA from Gerry's interactive CD, Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA or Access VBA Made Accessible. Gerry is also a programmer. I asked Gerry if he could develop something that would help VBA programmers like me get comfortable with VSTO.

The Rosetta Stone Concept

Do you remember learning about the Rosetta Stone in world history? Scholars were trying to puzzle out this strange language for centuries. Suddenly, in 1799 near the town of Rosetta in Egypt, they discovered a stone carving with the exact same text in three ancient languages. Since they knew two of the languages, they were finally able to figure out the structure of the third unknown language.

In each chapter, Gerry finishes the chapter with a Rosetta Stone showing how to achieve the exact same problem in both VBA and VSTO. You will actually turn the book sideways to compare VBA on the left with VSTO on the right. You already know VBA - by comparing the two scripts side by side, you can spot the differences.

As an aside, this drove our printer crazy... "Hey! this page is sideways are you really sure about this???".

While most of the book looks like a typical portrait book...

...the Rosetta Stone case studies are printed landscape to compare VBA and VSTO side by side.

"Gerry Verschuuren has taught thousands about VBA"

About the author: Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in VB, VBA, and VB.NET. This book covers the same concepts taught during Dr. Verschuuren's Excel Seminars. He has taught this course to major pharmaceutical and other scientific companies with rave reviews!

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren has more than 20 years of experience in teaching at colleges and corporations. Dr. Verschuuren holds Master's degrees in Biology (Human Genetics) and in Philosphy, plus a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Science from Unversities in Europe.

He is the author of Life Scientists, Their Convictions, Their Activities, and Their Values (1995, Genesis Publishing Company).

He is also the author behind of:

-Slide Your Way Through Excel VBA (2003)
-Join the Excellers League (2004)
-Your Access to the World (2004)
-Master the Web (2005)
-Access VBA Made Accessible (2005)
-Excel for Scientists CD-ROM(2003)
-Excel for Scientists & Engineers Book(2005)

Click here to order the ebook!

Table of Contents

From VBA to VSTO: Is Excel’s New Engine for You?

  • 1 Visual Studio Tools for Office
    • 1.1 Why VSTO?
    • 1.2 The New Tool: VSTO
    • 1.3 The New Language: VB
  • 2 Structure of the Tool (VSTO)
    • 2.1 The .NET Framework
    • 2.2 The Workspace (IDE)
    • 2.3 Connecting to Office Applications
    • 2.4 References
    • 2.5 What About Your Macros?
    • 2.6 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 3 Structure of the Language (VB
    • 3.1 The Hierarchy of the Base Classes
    • 3.2 Core Objects
    • 3.3 Host Controls
    • 3.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 4 Syntax Changes in VB
    • 4.1 Properties
    • 4.2 Methods and Functions
    • 4.3 Events
    • 4.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 5 Changes in Data Types and Scope
    • 5.1 Data Types
    • 5.2 New Arithmetic Operators
    • 5.3 Scope and Control Structures
    • 5.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 6 Array Changes
    • 6.1 Regular Arrays
    • 6.2 Structured Arrays
    • 6.3 What happened to Variant Arrays?
    • 6.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 7 Forms Instead of UserForms
    • 7.1 Form Class
    • 7.2 Form Elements
    • 7.3 Form Events
    • 7.4 The New ActionsPane
    • 7.5 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 8 Error vs. Exception Handling
    • 8.1 An Improved Alternative
    • 8.2 Some Debugging Issues
    • 8.3 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 9 File Management
    • 9.1 Text Files
    • 9.2 Binary Files
    • 9.3 Dialog Controls for File Management
    • 9.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 10 External Databases
    • 10.1 DAO Library
    • 10.2 ADO Library
    • 10.3 And Then There Is ADO
    • 10.4 Host Controls Revisited
    • 10.5 Dynamic Forms
    • 10.6 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 11 Building Your Own Classes
    • 11.1 New Elements
    • 11.2 Real Inheritance
    • 11.3 Garbage Collection
    • 11.4 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 12 Deployment and Security
    • 12.1 Security
    • 12.2 Deployment
  • 13 Migrating from VBA to VSTO
    • 13.1 VBA or VSTO?
    • 13.2 Automatic and/or Manual Migration
    • 13.3 Case Study: A Rosetta Stone
  • 14 What Do You Need to Get Started?
    • 14.1 How, What, and When to Install?
    • 14.2 Useful Resources
    • 14.3 Are You Ready?

Click here to order the ebook!

If you are a VBA programmer who would like to find out if Excel's new programming system is right for you, this is the book that you need. You will learn what you need, what is different, how deployment is different.


Click here to order the ebook! Price: $19.95

Previously Available as a PaperbackProduct
Details: Printed Version No Longer Available
Paperback: 202 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.5" x 11" x 18mm
Publisher: Holy Macro!; ISBN 1-932802-14-2 (May 2006)


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