Excel 2024: Fast Worksheet Copy

February 26, 2024 - by Bill Jelen

Excel 2024: Fast Worksheet Copy

Yes, you can right-click any sheet tab and choose Move or Copy to make a copy of a worksheet. But that is the very slow way to copy a worksheet. The fast way: Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the worksheet tab to the right.

The downside of this trick is that the new sheet is called January (2) instead of February but that is the case with the Move or Copy method as well. In either case, double-click the sheet name and type a new name.

Ctrl+drag February to the right to create a sheet for March. Rename February (2) to March.

Select January. Shift+select March to select all worksheets. Hold down Ctrl and drag January to the right to create three more worksheets. Rename the three new sheets.

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