1. S

    Calculate no of days to go back to reach a specific day name

    I know this should be easy, but I keep tying myself in knots over this one. I have a date selected by the User. I'm trying to find a simple way of working out how many days before that date is a specific "day name". For example if I take the date as 23/12/2019, I want to find out how many days...
  2. kevin lazell

    conditional formatting

    hi everyone not been on here for a while and am very rusty to say the least i have 5 consecutive cells say b1:f5 each cell has a date in each date is later than the previous one when b1 matches todays date then format red when c1 matches todays date then format yellow and b1 to go back to no...
  3. X

    Maximising Profit

    The price of electricty fluxuates hourly over the course of a year. My goal is to buy electricy for storage from the grid for the asking price at the time and sell it back to the grid at a later time (for a greater price) in order to make a profit. The criteria however is that when selling it...
  4. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  5. S

    SUMIFS - Multiple columns at the same time?

    Afternoon all, Looking for some help/advice please... I hope this makes sense. I have a holiday file which is set out in a similar manner as below and tracks the full year. The actual file has around 400 employees in it but for the sake of this I've just classes a few as different job types...
  6. V

    Excel is getting hanged

    Hi All I have a normal excel sheet without any macros . But for every single click the excel is getting hanged and shows " Not responding " and comes back again. I am facing very difficulty. Can anybody help me what might be the problem .
  7. gheyman

    Access: On Load On Current

    When a Form is loaded is it also considered "On current" or does the user have to leave the form and come back to it to be on Current?
  8. C

    Custom Sorts in Pivot table

    Hi there I wounder if someone can point me in the direction as I have a brain freeze. I have a large dataset of around 12000 records with around 16 columns . I have a start date and end date in 2 columns and I convert that into another column with the month as text from the From to cell date so...
  9. C

    Weeknumber back to 1 after 52

    Hi all, can anyone help with my query please. On our SS Columns AH2 onward contain data in week numbers, but it does not stop at 52 & revert back to week 1 for the new year Below is the formula in AH2, cell AH3 = AH2+1, cell AH4 = "AH3+1" and so on...
  10. S

    hlookup automatically change 1st line in the table array

    Hi My formula is =HLOOKUP($D48,Directorate!D$52:D$350,3,FALSE) As you are aware for this HLOOKUP formula to work the infofrom Cell D48 must be on the line D52 (in the table array source), to bring back the 3rdrow values. However I would like to drag this formula this down (as Ihave 600...
  11. Z

    Treeview Multiple Value

    Can somone please look at this and tell me how i can get the selected data from the treeview after its selected to return a value back to Column E. The code i have in there pulls the data from the list in Column A-D and shows in the treeview. I want the user to be able to select what they want...
  12. CPGDeveloper

    Constant Back End Corruption

    Hi guys -- I've posted separately about this before, but the issue has seemed to have gotten worse so I thought I'd try again. I created and administer an MS Access Application -- 20 + users -- each user has a FE on their desktop, while the BE resides on a Network Drive. Everyone has Windows...
  13. CPGDeveloper

    Report Queries Back End vs Front End

    Hello All~ I created and administer an MS Access DB. Back End sits on a Network Drive, 20+ End Users have the Front End on their respective Desktops. The Application has a Reporting Tool where the user has the option of selecting and running about 20 or so different reports. Currently I keep...
  14. gheyman

    Access Fields disapear in Query

    My fields disappeared in my query after I unchecked the Show box. I don't mean they don't show data view, I mean when I go back to the design view they are all gone. What happened?
  15. L

    Workbook protection activates after every change

    I realize this is a dumb question. I originally costumized this workbook so that people at my old job could use it without editing any of the structure behind it. Now I'm back to working on it, but everytime I launch a macro and the like, the workbook protection gets turned back on after I'd...
  16. CPGDeveloper

    Maintenance of MS Access Back End

    Hello~ I've created and administer an Access DB application -- 20+ end users -- split db -- each user has a copy of an accde executable file on their desktop, while the back end is on a network server. The front end is programmed to shut down automatically @ 8pm every night. Once in awhile...
  17. I

    +1 Stop Counting and Start Back to 1

    <tbody> a b c d e 1 1 2 =B1+1 3 =B2+1 4 =B3+1 5 =B4+1 6 7 8 9 </tbody> Hello All! I was wondering if someone could help me with a formula to cycle back to the number 1 after it reaches a limit of 83. I was using the formula above, but when it...
  18. D

    How to pull a sheet name from a cell and use to calculate just one sheet in vba

    Hi All, I have a large workbook that has a sheet which calculates results with and without inflation. I have code that changes inflation to 0 and then back to what it was originally. Before I copy the original assumptions back I need to calculate just one sheet that is selected in a drop-down...
  19. G

    Userforms resizing and reformatting on different monitors

    I have a few userforms on a sheet, but when I use them on a different sized monitor, they resize (often much larger) and the contents are not organized well like I have them set. As soon as I go in the VBA Editor and resize them back to normal, they take on all their old formatting, but I was...
  20. S

    Macros not available in Developer-->Macros tab

    Greetings, I got back on my computer after stepping away and my macros are no longer showing up in the Developer-->Macros window. What could have happened? I visited the options-->trust center-->macro settings but without getting the macros back to visible. Also, clicked on all the files...

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