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Jul 10, 2002
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Hi there
I wounder if someone can point me in the direction as I have a brain freeze.

I have a large dataset of around 12000 records with around 16 columns . I have a start date and end date in 2 columns and I convert that into another column with the month as text from the From to cell date so I can collate as group month

I am trying to sort the pivot table into month order and also the report is a rolling 12 mths to the custom sort would change each month ie Sept19 back to Oct18...Oct19 back to Nov18 etc and I want the months to display oldest month first.
Is there anyway I can do this automatically without any major manual intervention and playing around with sort each mth. Pivot defaults are all out of sync.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and hoping a simple solution that someone can pass on.


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