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  1. M

    Looking for VBA code to split worksheets, break links, and save as a new workbook

    Hi there, I am working on creating Excel documents that function as multiple forms going to different people. So the idea is the first sheet in the workbook is the 'Mastersheet' with all of the data arranged in a table. Subsequent sheets contain the forms. Each form contains formulas that...
  2. A

    break links not working

    Hello there. I am in a bit of a pickle. I'm trying to write a vba code that allows the user to loop through multpile files in a directory and break all their links. When doing it by hand breaking links seems to work but with vba some files return errors. How is that possible Here's the code ...
  3. S

    LINKS TO Templates

    How do I remove all these links to external templates? I've cleared names, broken links, gone through all my conditional formatting, and I cannot find the source of these templates to clear. They are associated with 365 login from my former employer and I no longer have access. Thanks
  4. D

    Can't Break Link - Try XML?

    I may be the epitome of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I have a workbook with a link that I can’t find (Yes- I tried the search, reviewed VBA, checked all objects and name references). I finally started deleting tabs and isolated the tab. Then, I deleted everything in the tab a...
  5. K

    VBA Break Link Loop not working

    We are using a script to open all files in a folder, breaks links and save the file into a new location. There are over 50 files in the folder that the script works on perfectly. We have about 10 files that are causing heartburn. The vba returns an error on this section of code: For Each...
  6. M

    Macro won't break links to external spread sheet

    I have a template that I update weekly with new data. I've written code to create a "report" for broad distribution each week from this template. The report creation works great except for the fact that the links to the template and another workbook that i use as an image databse won't break...
  7. N

    Remove Links listed under "Edit Links" sub menu

    A current file of mine lists 2 valid external references in the "Edit Links" popup box: However when I go to search for "[" or for a portion of the external files name, no results are returned. These files are also not linked to any named ranges. How do I remove the external sources from...
  8. T

    Link Will Not Break

    I have been working on an Excel doc with lots of complicated VBA code that I didn't write. In order to prevent screw-ups, I save new versions frequently. Recently, I had the most recent version open and also opened a past version. Somehow, something must have happened because now the most recent...
  9. L

    Break links in .pptx before saving (from excel vba)

    Hi all I have an excel macro that draws some numbers from a database to populate an excel spreadsheet and then updates some graphs in a .pptx and sends it via outlook. It all works fine but now I really want to break the links in all graphs to avoid people accidentially updating the data (the...
  10. P

    Copy Worksheet Save & break links

    I am looking for some vba code that will allow me to break all the links in a worksheet and then save the file in the same folder/file path but add Excel to the end of the file path. For example; If I have an excel worksheet named test.xlsm with 20 tabs, I want to save a copy of that entire...
  11. C

    VBA: Use of dropdown menu in combination with Breaklink

    Hi all, Each month, I have to make the same sales report for all European countries. I basically have one cell that contains a dropdown menu with all countries. The sales & plan numbers of the sheet change according to which country I pick from the dropdown menu. I than manually Copy the sheet...
  12. M

    Update Values Prompt

    I attempted to copy the cells (which had formulas) from one workbook worksheet into another workbook worksheet. It didn't paste properly, so I deleted it and resolved to enter the formulas I needed manually one by one. The formulas reference values in other worksheets within the same workbook...
  13. R

    Paste Values with VBA

    The code below works fine to open another workbook, copy data, then paste into the original file. However, I need to paste only values. I have tried a couple different ways of doing it after the fact (ie after pasting data formulas and all), but nothing has worked and I would prefer to just...
  14. R

    Break Links code returns Type Mismatch error

    This code give me a "Type Mismatch" error, but I can't figure out the issue. Can anyone see what is mismatched? All this is meant to do is to break all links to other workbooks. Sub BreakLinks() On Error GoTo ErrorHandler Dim vLinks As Variant Dim lLink As Long vLinks =...
  15. G

    Break Links often fails. Why and what is a work around?

    Dear All, What the heck is wrong with the Break Link tool in Excel 2010 !?!?! It seems sometimes it works and other times it does not. I have workbooks with dozens of links to more than one other workbook. I break links, save, close, open, and repeat. Sometimes I am successful in...
  16. R

    vba code to break links in new workbook

    I have code that copies any worksheet that begins with "CC", moves it to a new workbook and saves it to my desktop. I need to add more code that will break links in the newly created workbooks, but have only been able to figure out the code to break links in the active workbook, which is the...
  17. C

    Copying worksheet from one workbook to another creates unbreakable links

    I copied a worksheet from one worksheet to another that has named ranges, charts, formulas, and pivot tables. After copying it I changed all the pivottables' data sources to the current document's version and removed the copied one (adds a 1 to the end of the data connection name), and I...
  18. M

    Copy current worksheet to a new workbook, break links, then save

    I'm new to macros and need to do what seems like a very basic task but I can't figure out how to write the macro. I need to copy the current worksheet to a new workbook, break all links to the source workbook, then save the new workbook with the name that's stored in cell A3. I've done this...
  19. S

    break links selected cells VBA

    Hi there, in my workbook I have in sheet1 in selected cells links to a file called M11 PMO.xlsx. In sheet2 I also have selected cells (as in P6, P9, P12 and so on) with links to the same file. These are just links no formula in them. I could go to Data edit links, but that would valuerise...
  20. C

    break link to external workbook

    Hi, I have the following problem: I am copying sheets from one workbook into another it has formulas linked to a sheet in the source workbook. I want to relink these to the new workbook and had the following formula which is creating an error 438. ActiveWorkbook.ChangeLink...

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