1. xyga1998

    Help with reading suggestion or vba code

    Greetings! If anyone can help me with a VBA partial code or if anyone can tell me what to read so I can accomplish this. I can't figure out anything for the moment. The general idea is to put values of Sheet 1 column B(Type) in Sheet 2 where ID-s should match and also the rounds. I don't want...
  2. A

    Creating a Job Pick List

    I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to go about creating a spreadsheet to perform something for me and can't figure out the right angle to approach it from. So. Here is what I'm trying to do. Numbers are arbitrary to explain. I have 100 employees listed in seniority order. I...
  3. M

    Enter a value and for it to become a percentage of another cell

    Pretty much what it says on the tin. A1 = 200 I am going to enter 50 into cell B1. After i lose focus on B1 the 50 turns into a percentage of A1 ie: 25% Or do I just double up my columns one for the 50 one for the calc ? Then hide my figure column.
  4. H

    Scrape CCY previous closing from marketwatch using VBA

    Anyone has any idea how can I use vba to scrape the previous closing rate of a list of currencies to excel? <tbody> AUDUSD USDCAD USDCHF EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY NZDUSD USDCNH </tbody> For example, if I want to check the previous closing of AUDUSD, I would need to go to the...
  5. D

    highlight duplicates

    Hey everyone so here is what im trying to figure out. i have 100s of rows of data that i need to filter out if specific cells match each other so for example if A, B and C are the same as another other row with A, B and C i want them to highlight I tired some google searches and i just cant...
  6. L

    Need help VBA to figure time from a date/time field ??

    I am trying to change font color if the date is less than yesterday AND the time is before 16:00. Hi the fields are in this custom format. m/d/yyyy h:mm Here's my code so far and it works for the date part, but I can't figure out how to do the cut off time portion. LR2 =...
  7. kelly mort

    A count formula needed

    Hello Everyone, I have a challenge here with me: I have headers x y z. They keep repeating at regular intervals; x y z x y z etc. Now I want to count based on each header the number of cells that contain values greater than 0. I tried to use the countif but did not do what I wanted. I am...
  8. J

    Adjusting Named Ranges Dynamically

    Good morning, everybody! I have to update a *ton* of tables in an Excel spreadsheet, rolling them forward for the new year. For example, if WRSState is in cells A6:H15, I need to copy rows A7:H15 into A6:H14, clear A15:H15, and then make a couple of other edits that i should be able to figure...
  9. M

    Copy & Paste sheet to another workbook VBA

    Hi, I have two open workbooks workbook 1 called (A) en workbook 2 called (B). I need to copy the data from sheet1 workbook (A) and paste it in workbook (B) in sheet called Hexagon. I can't figure this out, can someone help me to figure this out in VBA?
  10. V

    Round Figure If

    Hello ! I would like to round a figure example based on the number. Such as 3.4 Will be 3. 3.5 will be 3. 3.6 will be 4. How do I do so ?
  11. F

    Freqency Formula Issue

    I cannot figure out why my formula for frequency is not working correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am using this formula for Column B: =FREQUENCY(U:U,A1:A5) and this formula for Column C: =FREQUENCY(U:U,A1). I am trying to get Column B to give me a total for the times and...
  12. J

    How to attach 2 type of files to an Outlook email

    Hello, I am trying to attach a PDF version of an excel spreadsheet form I have as well as the spreadsheet itself but I cant seem to figure out the VBA code that will attach both types of files. I have been successful in attaching the PDF but I cant seem to figure out how to get the spreadsheet...
  13. F

    Conditional Formatting

    I have 5 columns, headed Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and RAG. I need the RAG column to change colour (Red, Amber, Green) based on entries. Q1 will be populated and no action is required in the RAG column. When a figure is entered in Q2, if Q2 = Q1 then RAG will be Amber. If Q2 > Q1 then RAG will be Red. If...
  14. S

    Formula to Extract Text Between First and Third Space

    Hi all, I know this is an easy one, and I'm clearly an idiot, but was hoping someone could help me figure out the formula to extract the characters between the first and third space. Example: A1 = "11/30/2017 02:23 PM America/Toronto" Need to extract "02:23 PM" Thank you in advance!
  15. L

    Auro Filter Data by Cell Value

    I am trying to auto filter data in Cells A5 to BE5000, by value in D2 and clear filter if D2="" I Can not figure it out Please help
  16. J

    SUMIF Question

    I'm pretty sure I need to use the SUMIF equation to figure this out but I'm not really sure how... I have a spreadsheet of all the running I've done throughout the year and I'd like to figure out how many 5k's I have run so far. My current spreadsheet looks like this: <tbody> Date Mi Time...
  17. M

    VERY new to formulas

    I have made a very good worksheet for work but I can't seem to figure out a formula for this problem. <colgroup><col width="110" style="width: 83pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4022;"> <col width="107" style="width: 80pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3913;"> <col...
  18. A

    Formula help to lookup multiple criteria on different sheets.

    Hello, I am trying to figure out an Index formula to copy the data in cell D3 to cell F24 and cell J8 to cell G29. Note the destination cells are in a different worksheet. There are hundreds of cells but I can figure that out once I get the main formula. Thank you very much!
  19. N

    Nesting IF functions

    I'm trying to nest IF functions but am not getting the results I need and am hoping I can find some (more) help. I'm trying to tell Excel that if J84= 7, 8, 11, or 12 then the value in AA2 needs to be multiplied by...
  20. U

    Countif with subtotal function

    HI, How to calculate only figure in column not figure with percentage. <tbody> Required Answer 1000 1000 2000 2000 1000 1000 100% 100% 2000 2000 100% 100% 6002 =SUBTOTAL(9,A2:a7) 6000 </tbody>

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