1. R

    How to rank items based on user input?

    I need to create a list that shows the outcome of everybody's ranking of a list of items -- from most important to least important. Whatever item gets the most "votes" for being the most important will be the first in the list, the next item with the most votes gets the second, etc. My users...
  2. J

    Can I send event to a class from a UserForm in Excel vba?

    Hi! In the sheet I have a table with members, and it is possible to Add new member, change member, delete member amongs others. To reduce code in modules, my intention was to have a class to control all actions going on in the member sheet. In 'Microsoft Excel Objects' Sheet4 (Top section in vba...
  3. A

    Power Automate Flow Keeps failing

    i have a power automate flow that basically a form submission happens, it send an email with an approve or reject then it should send an email to the submitter whether they have been approved or rejected BUT when i click approve on the email i get submission has been reassigned
  4. D

    Trying to make a form that will auto update values on different sheet

    I'm trying to out do myself, I have a basic form built out with drop downs and blanks. So far i have formulas in place that will find an "Available" ip by using xlookup, and i also have an xlook up to find the row, column and sheet name, i have a cell formulated to show a complete location (ex...
  5. D

    UserForm_Initialize not being recognized in Commands

    I have been using Call UserForm_Initialize for as long as I have been using VBA, both when initializing forms and to reset a User Form once details have been added to the Worksheet. Recently, this function has not been working in a number of new files and forms and I am at a loss as to why this...
  6. L

    Break code if can't find the link of external data

    Hi, i have a lot of lines a code, there are ranges of some cells. Each one save a position of others books by reference. Sheets("test").Range("b3").Value = "='\\server1\DATA\dataset\cabinetes\L31\time\" & year1 & "\" & cmbMes.Value & "\LAST" & "\[L" & "31" & "_" & txtDia.Value &...
  7. gravanoc

    Need tips on using Excel to print onto a pre-printed form

    Later today or tomorrow I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone a little & helping setup a conduit program that, given a certain number of rows, will print one row of data onto a pre-printed form, then onto the next row & next form. This is a picture link of the form: Health Insurance Claims...
  8. P

    Excel 2019 mac. Userform not visible in VBA design mode

    I have just upgraded from Excel 2011 to 2019 I have a VBA project that includes 2 user forms. In 2011 when I double clicked on the form name it opened the form in design mode and let you add command buttons, delete them, position, etc. If you then clicked on one of the items it opened up the...
  9. L

    Office 365 Forms Spreadsheet housed on a server without access to 365

    I am creating spreadsheets for a client that uses Microsoft Forms to collect data. Some of their partners will be using the form to collect data within their organization, but they will own the spreadsheet and data until it is turned over to the client. Can that be achieved if the partner does...
  10. S

    Unusual Form Request

    Forms showing Multiple Records matching one field Can anyone help me, I have a massive amount of Data that I need to audit, Month by Month. The data is for Contracts, our company has with our clients. All Contracts have an annual renewal, so I audit the anniversary month for all contracts, to...
  11. S

    Sharing Excel Spreadsheets with Macros via Microsoft Teams

    Is there any information available on if it is possible to create an Excel Macro enabled workbook via Teams to allow for multi-user collaboration and updating? I attempted to create this using O365 Forms however with the standard version, there are limits for things like drop down lists and...
  12. T

    Form entry to create join between two tables

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Access. I have two main tables, essentially these are item masters with unique records: "SupplierParts" & "MyParts" Many supplier parts can relate to one MyPart i.e.: MyPart SupplierPart Part1 Part1 Part1 Part2 Part1 Part3 Etc... I have created a third...
  13. rinneii

    Excel Forms

    Hey! So I'm trying to make a form that will track purchase orders, which isn't what I'm struggling with. My question is, can I have a value (in this case, a purchase order number) returned to the user after they have filled out the form? Like as a pop up box or message box? Ideally the PO...
  14. W

    Form Closses but written conditions not implemented

    Hello: I have the following two codes in a button: The (first code) aims to submit value of option button into worksheet cell: For Each FormControl In Me.Controls 'Check only OptionButtons If TypeName(FormControl) = "OptionButton" Then 'Check the status of the OptionButton...
  15. I

    Data Entry Forms and Worksheet Restrictions

    I am trying to create a data entry form that can be sent to employees via an excel link that will only allow them to see the form and what they are entering on the form, not the rest of the worksheet. Is this possible? If not with Excel alone, is this possible with Excel and another program?
  16. T

    New to excel - Appreciate guidance

    I would like to set up an excel spreadsheet for stock trading where a form will ask for input for: Stock Symbol Trade Type Entry price Quantity That information will populated specific columns in the spreadsheet and the stock symbol also will be inserted between quotes in the Bid Ask formulas...
  17. D

    Strange "Out of Memory Error" on Close

    I have two files open. Both are pretty complicated with lot's of graphs, Shapes, pictures and formulas. File2 is the Active Workbook. When I simply Save File 2 from the "File" tab - No problem Then, I have a "Button" on File2, that calls a macro in File1, simply: Sub CloseFile2()...
  18. Z

    Linking Forms to another Forms

    My Boss asked for a hard task ( for ME) which requires To create a form and inside the form create a Combo Box where i can open a drag down menu and select an option and this option Automatically fill another form Linked to this one. For an example: Form 1 Contains the city, if i choose a...
  19. S

    Tighten up vb code for Access Database

    I have code in my Access Database that does the following: In a form (MainForm) that has a record source from a table called SectionTable. The below code is looking at the first record in SectionTable, running a macro that is using the first record from the table, then moving on to the next...
  20. S

    Tring to get VB code to automatically scroll through a table.

    Hi. I have VB code that looks at a table connected to a form and runs a macro ("ApdTabtoTotalTest"). I have it set up to go to the next record. It works, but the issue is that I have to manually run the code for each record. There are around 150 records. So I click a button and it runs. I then...

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