1. T

    Form entry to create join between two tables

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Access. I have two main tables, essentially these are item masters with unique records: "SupplierParts" & "MyParts" Many supplier parts can relate to one MyPart i.e.: MyPart SupplierPart Part1 Part1 Part1 Part2 Part1 Part3 Etc... I have created a third...
  2. rinneii

    Excel Forms

    Hey! So I'm trying to make a form that will track purchase orders, which isn't what I'm struggling with. My question is, can I have a value (in this case, a purchase order number) returned to the user after they have filled out the form? Like as a pop up box or message box? Ideally the PO...
  3. W

    Form Closses but written conditions not implemented

    Hello: I have the following two codes in a button: The (first code) aims to submit value of option button into worksheet cell: For Each FormControl In Me.Controls 'Check only OptionButtons If TypeName(FormControl) = "OptionButton" Then 'Check the status of the OptionButton...
  4. I

    Data Entry Forms and Worksheet Restrictions

    I am trying to create a data entry form that can be sent to employees via an excel link that will only allow them to see the form and what they are entering on the form, not the rest of the worksheet. Is this possible? If not with Excel alone, is this possible with Excel and another program?
  5. T

    New to excel - Appreciate guidance

    I would like to set up an excel spreadsheet for stock trading where a form will ask for input for: Stock Symbol Trade Type Entry price Quantity That information will populated specific columns in the spreadsheet and the stock symbol also will be inserted between quotes in the Bid Ask formulas...
  6. D

    Strange "Out of Memory Error" on Close

    I have two files open. Both are pretty complicated with lot's of graphs, Shapes, pictures and formulas. File2 is the Active Workbook. When I simply Save File 2 from the "File" tab - No problem Then, I have a "Button" on File2, that calls a macro in File1, simply: Sub CloseFile2()...
  7. Z

    Linking Forms to another Forms

    My Boss asked for a hard task ( for ME) which requires To create a form and inside the form create a Combo Box where i can open a drag down menu and select an option and this option Automatically fill another form Linked to this one. For an example: Form 1 Contains the city, if i choose a...
  8. S

    Tighten up vb code for Access Database

    I have code in my Access Database that does the following: In a form (MainForm) that has a record source from a table called SectionTable. The below code is looking at the first record in SectionTable, running a macro that is using the first record from the table, then moving on to the next...
  9. S

    Tring to get VB code to automatically scroll through a table.

    Hi. I have VB code that looks at a table connected to a form and runs a macro ("ApdTabtoTotalTest"). I have it set up to go to the next record. It works, but the issue is that I have to manually run the code for each record. There are around 150 records. So I click a button and it runs. I then...
  10. S

    At a complete loss! Excel User Form VBA greater than formula not working!

    Hi experts out there...I am at a complete loss here! I've spent HOURS trying multiple things to get this BASIC code to work and it still won't work. I created a user form with 2 text boxes (TextBox1 and TextBox2) This code IS NOT WORKING for me: If Me.TextBox1.Value > Me.TextBox2.Value Then...
  11. M

    One Form, Multiple Query Sources (but not at the same time)

    Greetings! The setup: tbl_MAIN has all my data in it. frm_MAIN MENU allows user to search based on five fields, and opens another form: frm_DETAIL which displays all the tbl_MAIN data on one screen. It's useful but it's kinda crazy and busy. It's good, I like it. frm_MAIN MENU also opens up...
  12. earwig999

    Import data from PDF in to Excel

    I am trying to create a Macro in VBA to Import data from either single or multiple PDF forms in to an Excel workbook. Adding each form as a new row in the sheet. I am thinking of a Button with the macro attached on the Sheet, which then identifies a folder containing the forms. It then pulls...
  13. L

    2 forms

    Hi I have 2 forms. UserForm1 and UserForm2. Do I need to say UserForm2.Label1.Caption or just Label1.Caption I did "Label1.Caption" and everything work fine, it is not effecting the UserForm1 The code below is for UserForm2 Private Sub myadd_Click() UserForm2.Label1.Caption =...
  14. A

    Variable file location

    I have a folder that is a template for multiple forms. I wrote a code that open the forms and publishes to another location. Works fine. My problem is that since this is a template that my users use to make a new file the location changes The area in red font is my issue. my simplistic...
  15. V

    How to open VBA forms from VBA Application (exe file)

    Dear All, Please guide me about how do i open vba forms and coding pages from one my vba application file type.. Pls guide someone..
  16. hicksi

    Running a Subroutine on Open ABNORMALLY

    I have Excel as my data with a set of forms (ie, a system utilising Excel - because I CANNOT use C# or VB# due to company policy). Usually it starts and displays the main form... NO PROBLEM It also contains code-save & sheet-save subroutines. I want to run those (without running the forms). Is...
  17. A

    VBA to Import Updated Forms in Text Files

    Hi all, I have an ongoing need to update every form in a database by replacing the production file paths to folders, reports and whatnot with file paths to testing environment folders, reports, etc. I am constantly updating this database, and have been copying my changes from a text editor into...
  18. A

    Transferring data using a macro button is overwriting existing data

    Hi there, I have created a spreadsheet with three front-end forms, which are designed to transfer data across to three corresponding worksheets. This functionality works successfully, however i also require the user to be able to enter data using the worksheet if they wish. The issue now, is...
  19. B

    VBA Simplification Help for Userform

    I am trying to see about simplifying my code. I was thinking if it was possible to do a loop it would be much easier, but I am not sure if it is... Any help would be appreciated. What I was thinking about if even possible... Dim I As Integer i = 1 Do Until i = 8 label_ & i =...
  20. K

    VBA Path Error

    Hi All I'm very new to VBA and tried teaching myself so that i can make a spreadsheet for the company im working for. It is basically a spreadsheet used to calculate product pricing and the method im using is Forms in VBA. I use the forms with multipages and selecting boxes. I recently had a...

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