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    Creating a 'league table' based on yes/no responses

    Hi. In my sheet I have data in a b c & d which can be a yes or no. Column E contains a name or email address. I want to create a 'league table' where if there's a 'no' in a, it's 1 point, b =2 points, c=1 point, d=1 point There are hundreds of rows and the names in E can be the same, I want...
  2. J

    Auto update a filter

    i currently have a league table on a spreadsheet. a drop down lets you change certain things that will show in the league table (sales type, month etc) the league table is working fine and automatically refreshes when the drop downs are changed. I then have a filter just to the right of the...
  3. T

    Excel to insert cells based upon a value

    Hi All I am going to try and explain this a best I can. I am trying to create a spreadsheet for my football league. On one sheet I have a table of all the teams in the league and then individual tables for each teams showing the players. On another sheet I want to enter the results from the...
  4. J

    Automatically updating a filter

    I am having issues with a filter automatically updating. I have a set range of cells where a sales league table updates. i have 198 positions in the league table incase of increases to staff. i then have a little formula to the right of this that i will hide. i was hoping it would be a case of...
  5. J

    Creating a league table

    i am wanting to create quite a complex league table within a spreadsheet i have. The first part is that i want the user to be able to select which league table they want to show. i am planning on having 2 drop downs. the first drop down will contain two options. New and Used. once the user has...
  6. B

    golf league schedule 20 teams of 40 players

    new to mrexcel but would like some help putting together a golf league scheduler for a 40 player / 20 team league. 18 total weeks. am new to formulas in excel and a general beginner but use excel daily but not to its full potential. want to learn more. thanks.
  7. C

    League Operator Asstance

    I help run a small pool league. We have about 30 teams. I would like to generate a spreadsheet to assist with team scheduling. We are given a schedule from teh league with teams $'s that tell us for teh session who plays who on what week. But we need to figure out the game tables for them...
  8. S

    Macro Amendment

    Hi, I have a macro that was written for me some years back by a user, that scraped data from a website. It is now in need of updating as the website has updated/changed a little. basically i get sports results and fixtures from the website, usually 2 or 3 times per week. It was set up so that i...
  9. T

    What can serve me best Excel or Access

    Hi all I am trying to build something to use for my local darts and dominoes league and are unsure which one is best for what I need and am looking for help. I have downloaded some football spreadsheets from internet where you enter the score and it updates the league but our league is based...
  10. B

    Weekly data from a whole range

    Not sure how to explain this but here goes. I'm running a football score league and need to work out how to produce a league table for the individual week as an overall league. The overall league is sorted. But not sure how to get the information I need for the individual week as all data will...
  11. P

    Cominbie 2 league tables into 1

    Hello Is there a way of combining 2 league tables into 1 league, (From different Sheets) Predictions A Tab – Contains league table 1 highlighted in green Predictions B Tab – Contains league table 2 highlighted in yellow The issue A+B League Table Tab – I want this to...
  12. W

    League table fixture creator.

    Hi All, Please, can anyone help me build a fixture creator for a league that I'm participating? Here is the setup :warning: 14 teams play each other.(There would be 91 games in total, correct me if I'm wrong) :warning: For each week there should be two games for one team. :warning: All the...
  13. W

    League table fixture creator.

    Hi All, Please, can anyone help me build a fixture creator for a league that I'm participating? Here is the setup :warning: 14 teams play each other.(There would be 91 games in total, correct me if I'm wrong) :warning: Each week there should be two games for one team. :warning: All the...
  14. W

    COUNTIF & SUMIF to a closed workbook

    I'm really hoping someone can help. I have tried the general solutions a google turns up with no joy. Using these calculations return the VALUE error as the source workbook is closed. Could someone take a look at these and convert them so they work when the workbook is closed...
  15. B

    League Table Help

    Good evening all, Im having small issue trying to get my head around a league table i have to make... Basically there are 84 teams who need a specific KPI ranked daily for the rest of this month. Basically the bottom 10 drop out daily and can only enter if they are in the top 10 at any point...
  16. R


    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Lucida Grande'}span.s1 {color: #006107}span.s2 {color: #0057d6}span.s3 {color: #ab30d6}</style>=IFERROR(SUMIFS('1'!H:H,'1'!D:D,Stage!B9),IFERROR(SUMIFS('2'!H:H,'2'!D:D,Stage!B9),)) Hi all! Thanks in advance for any...
  17. R

    Live updating football league table without filter

    I am wanting to know how to live update a league table so that I don’t have to do it manually with the filter. Team is in column ‘A’, GD is in Column ‘R’ and PTS is in column ‘S’. There are 25 rows including the header row. I was the table to update with 3 priorities. First Priority is PTS in...
  18. F

    Pub pool tournament and league table.

    Hi, I am trying to create a weekly knockout tournament and a subsequent league table based on the results on KingSoft Spreadsheets, I know this is not excel but it's as close as. The Issue I'm having is connecting a team name/number to it's relevant league points, can enter it manually as...
  19. F

    Random Team Scheduler Over Multiple Weeks

    <body> <p>Hi All,</p><p>I need help trying to make a team scheduler for a non-profit league using XL2003/7. I need to pick random opponents over an 8 week period for each team with no team playing each other more than once, and only playing one game each week. The number of teams can vary...
  20. V

    Excel League Rankings

    I am trying to rank these teams in order of points, then goal difference and then goals scored, but I don't know the formula, I used to use a formula with rank and sumproduct, but I have forgotten it. I will attach a spreadsheet I compiled in Office 2010 x64 As soon as I know how to add...

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