missing data

  1. D

    Using Non Linear Regression to predict missing values

    I would like to use excel to predict missing values in a table based on a best fit curve. I suspect non-linear regression analysis is a good way to do this but i am not a statistician and welcome solutions. I have a table of more than 300000 rows but I am posting a small excel sheet with 25 rows...
  2. E

    Fill in missing dates and data VBA

    Hi All, I have a data of 3 years daily exchange rate history. However, some dates (weekends, holidays) with corresponding rates are missing. I would like to fill in missing dates and copy the previous day's rates (for which data is missing) to missing date. So, in the example, the dates...
  3. F

    dynamic charts with missing data in chart range

    Hello So, I'm working with a raw data set that I have made, and I frequently update the data whenever I collect data from sources. The first two rows of the data set are frozen, so I can have some semblance of what my data titles are. Using the data, I have made several charts. Now, I know I...
  4. B

    How can I ignore blank cell when using the OFFSET function when working out a 3 month Average

    Hi So I would like to work out a 3 month rolling average of data using an OFFSET function. The only issue is how can I amend my formula so that if I miss a month's data the cell is ignored an the previous month's data is used? The formula that I am using is...
  5. K

    Finding IDs from one Excel that are missing in a different Excel

    I have been given some wonderfully complicated and not at all well formatted Excel spreadsheets at work. These spreadsheets are kept by the nurses I work with and have important patient info in. I'm trying to consolidate the data and then clean it in a hope to make everyone's lives easier. So...
  6. J

    scatter plot and missing data

    I have several columns of data for which I want to plot x-y charts. The first column is the x, and the other columns will be y for different individual plots. There is missing data in the y columns. Excel treats the missing data as zeros, and plots the points along the x-axis. How to avoid this...
  7. M

    MISSING Alphanumeric Sequence

    Greets, I am trying to determine the easiest way to find a missing alphanumeric, alpha, or numeric sequence in a excel. I believe the functionality is already there in excel just not sure how to do it or where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Use Case: I am trying to find all the...
  8. S

    Listing Missed Details in New Table

    Hi Masters, I need the solution for following situation in the Table-01 contains all the details; Table-02 has missing sum data Now in the Table-03, I want the list of missing details given date Range in 'E16 + G16. Thanks In Advance. <tbody> Table-01 Table-02 Table-03 Date...
  9. S

    Find dates in a range where a SKU from a list was out of Stock

    I have a master list of SKUs in one table set as a column with a different SKU listed in each row. I have another table with a daily snapshot of items which I have in stock between 7/1/17 and 7/31/17 in each row. The table shows the item SKU in one column, the warehouse where there is...
  10. H

    Creating multiple graphs that exclude missing data

    Hi there, I’m having some difficulty figuring out how to plot a lot of graphs at the same time and also how to hide values that are blank. When Googling for help, I found that building a macro may be helpful. But I’ve never done anything like that before so I wanted to reach out to see what...
  11. M

    Data disappearing from tables, but can recover using filters

    Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I've come across something I can't figure out. I have a table of data, about 7100 rows long, containing data from 30 sampling points that are sampled daily. The table is populated using a macro that appends data from another table. The macro...
  12. D

    Pivot Table Does Not Show Separate Lines for 2 Rows of Data That Match

    I am using Excel 2013. I have a large data field from which I have created a Pivot Table. One of my fields is "Amount". When two rows in the data field exactly match one another, the Pivot Table Rows area only shows one of the rows, but the Values area Sums the two rows for Amount. I would...
  13. M

    Advanced Filter Trouble

    Hello, I've found that an advanced filter is likely going to be my easiest option to filter multiple criteria and display the results. The Problem: The filter currently will not show results from data entered by a new user (me). I took over the sheet at row 3166 Data Sheet (some values after...
  14. Manolocs

    Editing large text cells

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to check a list of columns for a missing close parenthesis, I mean there is an open parenthesis, without a close ou vice versa. Thanks in advance.
  15. A

    Date Column Comparison, Odd One Out

    I am currently scouring and plugging numbers from years prior into a spreadsheet for graphical purposes and as such have numerous date based cells assigned individualized data. Now, the data points I am pulling from aren't exactly what you would call 'consistent' and miss quite a few days here...
  16. M

    Only partial data obtained from connection with Access 2007

    Hi, I have a data connection in Excel 2007 linked with an Access 2007 file. On my computer it works fine but on my colleagues computer it doesn't quite work. When he opens and updates the file, the linked table deletes some data. In the table once it gets past 13/08/2015 it does not produce...
  17. J

    Clarification of #N/A

    I'm writing up a note on #N/A for my students (adult office workers). I condensed the answers to students' questions into 5 paragraphs. I would appreciate any comments about mistakes or potential logical problems. Much thanks, John. #N/A – An IntroductionA display of #N/A means not available...
  18. M

    Data Missing when Plotting 2 Axes with Different x-axis Values

    Hi there, I'm currently trying to plot two different data sets on the same line graph. The x-axis is time for both, however, the time is spaced at different intervals for each. (i.e. one records a point every 15 seconds, and the other records a point every 20 sec). My attempt at combining...
  19. M

    Pivot table missing data from a named range

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2010 and I have an issue with a Pivot table. I'm creating a pivot table from a named range called "Range_LgLossTriangle" but only 10% of the data are shown in my pivot table, if I hit Change Data Source and put the address of the named range instead of the name of the...
  20. A

    Need Help with Filters for Multiple Columns with Missing Values

    I have a spreadsheet where the far left column is a list of names and the columns to the right have information about the person listed in each row on the left. Column B has phone numbers and column C has email addresses. I only want to include the value in Column C (email) for people who do not...
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