1. N

    Check if computer is online.

    Hello, good people from MrExcell. :) I have some 210 computers in local network. And i have excel that creates and sends files to different folders on them. Without going in needless specifics - my question is if there is a easy way(or any way?) to check and Flag computers that are not turned...
  2. M

    Hyperlink and Network drives

    Hello All, I am seeing some peculiar behave and I assume someone has seen this. I have and Excel spreadsheet (call it Summary.xlsx) on a company network drive (call it \\networkdrive\fold1\fold2). In a cell I create a hyperlink to a PDF file using \\networkdrive\fold1\fold2\fold3\file.xlsx...
  3. M

    Send data from one macro enabled workbook to another macro enabled workbook on network while its open by another user?

    Greetings, I run into problem, when i wanted to test my workbook project... Looking for a solution and suggestion how to make this possible, if its even possible? I tried with Share Legacy, but it can t share macro enabled workbook or workbook with a table... On my network i have one workbook...
  4. S

    Simple VBA if

    Brainfarting because obviously this isn't right. Ears are open. THanks If Worksheets("Developer").Range("I46").Value = "'Network" Then dpathname = cpathname Else: dpathname = bpathname End If
  5. R

    Project locked???

    I created a file with VBA included. A buddy copied it to use on his network. He needed some fixes so I opened the file and the VBA developer but could not edit the code, it said that the project was locked and unviewable. I've never encountered this before...any idea what would cause this...
  6. M

    path can't find if the path is in network

    hi sir i have a code here but when i use the path on network the code can't find it but if i use a path not on network it works fine the Bold code is the network path,
  7. J

    WAN Link bandwidth usage report needed...

    Hello, I need some help please. I don't use Excel very often except for viewing reports but I need some magic. I am pulling data from an open source firewall. The data is in the three columns below. My WAN link is 1Gbps (Gigabits per second). I also know you can transfer 280GB (Gigabytes)...
  8. bfreescott

    Docking Station affecting add-ins?

    Hi all I have a client that uses a network-installed add-in. Several others use the same network-installed add-in without issue, but everyone works from a desktop that never gets disconnected from the network. Could undocking a laptop from the network break the link to the add-in? I have not...
  9. CPGDeveloper

    Constant Back End Corruption

    Hi guys -- I've posted separately about this before, but the issue has seemed to have gotten worse so I thought I'd try again. I created and administer an MS Access Application -- 20 + users -- each user has a FE on their desktop, while the BE resides on a Network Drive. Everyone has Windows...
  10. R

    Office 365 Excel 1902 Version Error 1004

    Hi guys! long time no post! I was asked to do something at work that I havn't done in a while, but luckily I saved the VBA script, its a script that matched different workbook sheet store numbers and exports them to their corresponding network folders, luckily most of the script still works...
  11. A

    Issue opening excel files via VBA

    Hi Excel gurus. I have an automated process that, among a whole lot of other things, at one point, long story short, it opens some files from a network, copies the content from them and closes them again. This process was working no issues in a local machine where the network servers were...
  12. L

    Howto loop output from User Form

    I have succeeded in creating a user form that will open specific workbook on a sharenow folder, populate set cells with data gathered from the user form, .Value=.Value, and Save As process. Now I would like to have the all groups function working. To do that I need to learn how to know the max...
  13. L

    VBA - How to get the serial number of UNC Drive Without API calling

    Guys For security reasons I want that my workbook can only be used if it is on a network. This network sometimes is mapped by user with different Letters. I would like to find a way to get the serial number of the network drive based on the UNC path instead of Drive Letter. But I would like to...
  14. M

    microsoft cannot access the file locally and in the network, whenever launch, it crash / not responding

    I was try to get a file from our network drive and try to access it from there. then i got the issue : Microsoft Excel cannot access the file "https://service.intralinks...." then the excel file is not responding . i thought that would be account or network issue, so i have login to...
  15. M

    dual logical IF formula

    Looking for some help in how to setup a logical IF statement (believe that's the right terminology). Column C below, I'm trying to determine the following G1 = if network count =0 & Device count is >1000 - Then fill in G1 into cooresponding C cell G2 = if network count >1 & device count =0 -...
  16. J

    passing a different nework ID in VBA code to access a file

    I'm trying to insert vba code into a macro to will allow the user to access an excel data file in a directory location they do not have access via network security. I established the following network user id "salesid" and the password is "salesdata' the location of the file is...
  17. B

    Slow database - only on network folder

    I have a quite small database put on my companies network shared drives. The database is split into two files. The connection is set to IPADRESS\FILEPATH. I have huge problems that the database is very very slow when users works in it. I have searched for a long time for an answer to this, but...
  18. D

    Network paths

    Dear, I have a worksheet with multiple macros, which access different network resources; the problem I have it that when working from a Citrix environment the network resources are not the same, and I have to maintain two different version of the worksheet, one for each environment. Is there a...
  19. E

    Disappearing Add-In

    Hi all, I've created an add-in that is deployed on a network (I keep a local copy for making amendments before uploading to the network). The add-in works fine for most users but for some it disappears (remains in the add-in menu but is unticked and the custom menu disappears) once Excel is...
  20. S

    Trim/Substitute but.. also, replace?

    Situation is, I am using the following code to get some pretty specific text over from column A to column C. =TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A57,B57,"")) The first 2 words are always equal to Network Bridge, followed by other text. My question is, is there a way to eliminate the space between the words...

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