not responding

  1. P

    Why the lag before Excel calculates?

    Does anybody know the reason for the lag before calculation in a large workbook? And potentially how to resolve... Specifically, when I change a particular input it takes a minute to complete the calculation - during that minute I can look at the Processes tab of Task Manager in Windows and...
  2. K

    VBA: Searching for matches in array excel not responding

    I am still learning how to use arrays well, but this appears to be working until it starts the br loop. the computer fan starts running high and when i click on excel it says not responding. what am i doing wrong? Public Sub ReadToFromArray() ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Data").Select Dim a As...
  3. I

    Excel 2013 Freezes with larger data sets

    I've been working with ERP data in the past few months. Lately, Excel seems to be hanging with the processor usage in the bottom right corner slowly increasing. There are also intermittent white screens and (Not Responding) messages. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn't and I have to...
  4. J

    Excel not responding when clicking a button?

    I created a very basic invoice system for a friend in Excel/VBA. The system works fine for me on my PC and my laptop but when I took it to his house it keeps crashing on his PC (not responding errror), he can add the invoice fine but when he then click a button which sends him back to the home...
  5. E

    Excel file that takes long time to open

    I have a file that takes significant amount of time to open. While it is opening, it causes excel to show "not responding". To counter the slowness, I have broken the links so that the file is not looking to reference other files. There is one link that I am not able to break, which I think...
  6. P

    Excel stops responding unless print statement placed in macro code

    The following macro is designed to find a first payment higher than the average payment and 11 payments lower than the average to give 12 payments adding to the same as the weekly payment multiplied by 365 and divided by 7 which invariably introduces non exact amounts at the monthly level. Hope...
  7. L

    Excel freezes (goes into not responding) for 30-60 secs every time I do a copy and a paste

    Hi, I have a few spreadsheets specifically that hangs up my excel for about 30-60 secs every time I do a copy/cut and hangs again when I paste. It goes into "not responding" for a period of time and then resumes as per normal. The time it freezes is the same no matter how many cells I copy, it...
  8. L

    EXCEL 2013 - NOT RESPONDING issue

    Hi, I have an Excel file with 25000 rows and 20 columns. I have 2 issues / questions: 1- the file is 50 Mo large ... it seems way too large ? Do you think of any reason why it would be like (the file comes from a data extraction from a website) ? format ? something else ? 2- when i start...
  9. V

    URL Query Loop Freezing Excel 2010

    Hello all, I am in the process of creating a VBA macro in Excel 2010 to scrape text from a list of websites to examine the frequency of words. Ideally, I would like to plop in a list of thousands of websites and let the macro run overnight. I’m running Windows 7 64bit. Ill post the entire...
  10. J

    Opening Visual Basic Editor Crashes Excel

    I don't remember anything out of the ordinary happening, so this is just out of the blue. I can run macros, but if I try to edit or open the Visual Basic Editor Excel hangs. I don't run any Add-is or COMs in general, deleted PERSONAL.xlsb, ran Office Repair, ran OffCAT, and looked at event...
  11. C

    Conditional Formatting Macro enabled worksheet

    I created a workbook with 4-5 conditional formatting formulas (and/or statements). It worked for a few days, but now excel freezes each time I try to open the workbook. Any ideas into why this is happening?
  12. R

    Excel Stops Responding when running this simple code

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rng As Range Dim row As Range Dim cell As Range myvar = "A1:A" & ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A5") - ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A3") For Each row In Range(myvar).Rows For Each cell In...
  13. O

    Not responding notification while Macro is running

    Hi All, I have created a Macro in Excel 2007 which uses an external API. Tha macro has some database interactions. Some of the database calls take significant amount to complete and while the macro is running Excel's Not Responding Notification pops up. While the macro is running fine in the...
  14. D

    VBA code on how to skip macro while not responding

    I have create excel VBA to put data from excel sheet to Server database through network. I create the VBA on the "Workbook_beforeprint" so every time the user print out the sheet, the code will run. Problem occur when there is no network and excel application become not responding. I want to...
  15. P

    Excel 2007 Copy and Paste Special (Not Responding)

    I have Excel 2007 SP2 and tried COPY and PASTE Special (VALUES) after a few seconds " NOT RESPONDING". the file contains 56,000 rows and 7 columns and file size 9MB. Tried moving from network location to local drive and did the same thing. Tried using a lesser file size (1MB less) and it work...
  16. D

    Ribbon Frozen (Not Responding)

    I've run into a problem recently. Sometimes when I double-click to open a file, the ribbon stops responding, or is frozen. None of the buttons respond to the mouse (can't click, don't highlight when the pointer hovers, etc.). I can still edit the contents of the file, but the only way to save...
  17. A

    Access 2010 not responding

    Hi Guys I'm new to Access 2010 and would appreciate some basic help. I work with Excel quite a bit and had a basic stock comparision model which is struggling in Excel so I have imported this to Access to try to see if I could figure out a quicker and more efficient way to perform the...
  18. 8

    Userform Becomes Inactive when Code Runs

    Hello all, I have a rather lengthy macro that is called by a userform. After the code runs for a few seconds, the userform disappears and does not automatically reappear (even when the code is finished). The only way to get the userform to reappear is to click in an Excel spreadsheet. (This...
  19. D

    Excel 2007 Not Responding

    Hi - I have a speadsheet which is Not Responding (hanging) with a pale grey / white screen. This follows the simplest task which is saving following cutting and pasting a formatted cell (coloured fill) from one to the next. System Spec Excel 2007 running on Windows 7 Home Premium Ed, running on...
  20. S

    In Macro Application.Status stops, xlsm Not Responding, finishes fine!

    Here's a strange one... still learning VBA... I have an xlsm file created in MS Excel 2010. It has 5 worksheets. Sheet1 ("Update") has 2 DTPickers & a command button to run a macro (DataExtract). When I run my macro it works fine, however part way through the Title Bar shows ...xlsm (Not...

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