1. D

    Vlookup to return Multiple values

    Hello Excel Users, I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs where the first tab has unique numbers and the other tabs has the the unique numbers with multiple values associated to it. I need to have the first tab return the multiple values from the second tab. Column B in the first tab is what i...
  2. S

    Need help DAX LOOKUP formula which would work like VLOOKUP

    Hello Everyone, I have two tables Table 1:- Voucher No. Invoice No. Invoice Amount Invoice Date Vendor Name 1 ABC-1 100 14/05/2019 ABC Company 1 ABC-2 200 14/05/2019 ABC Company 2 EFG-1 300 31/05/2019 EFG Company 2 EFG-2 400 31/05/2019 EFG Company 3 XYZ-1 500 30/06/2019 XYZ...
  3. A

    Data Range too huge and VBA takes longer time to complete run formula

    I have this code to insert vlookup formula into a range of data, due to the lines is over 50K, it takes very long time to complete the whole process. Anyway to avoid this running time and able to apply the formula successfully? Sub LookupPrime() Dim r As Range Dim s As Range Dim...
  4. C

    VLOOKUP OR INDEX? Duplicate values exist, keep non-blank value (text & numbers)

    I have a very large spreadsheet that I am trying to return the value of some columns based on matching depths. Tab1 of my spreadsheet has no duplicate depths while Tab2 DOES have duplicate depths, some of which the columns have null values. The attached Example Tab1 image has a yellow...
  5. C

    Mix of Vlookup, find and substitute

    Hi All Have issues with this formula =VLOOKUP(FIND("*",SUBSTITUTE(A8,".","*",LEN(A8)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A8,".","")))),Data!B:C,2,0) What i want is to do a Vlookup on everything in the cell up to the full STOP (.). This formula is giving me the position of the last full stop...
  6. G

    VBA VLookUp to another workbook

    Hi! I have two spreadsheets (A and B) and I'd like VBA to do a VLOOKUP from A to B. Once the ranges are dynamic, I defined counters and they are working, I checked that. So there's the loop, contador stands for the counter in spreadsheet A. It should look for the content of cell Y&counter in...
  7. B

    VLOOKUP returns nothing / Macro gives me an error message

    Hi I presently have vlookup formulas in numerous cells that are linked to a value entered in cell F18 and a macro is linked to a value in cell H31 I need a macro that will generate a message box if the number entered in cell F18 is not found during the vlookup on Sheet2 which in turn will not...
  8. M

    VBA Vlookup between two workbooks

    I need to vlookup with two workbooks and find the match values with highlight. Workbook A (Located in the folder path C:/Desktop/price match MFR date beg date end price XXX-ltd 8/1/20 8/1/20 100 YYY-ltd 9/1/20 9/1/20 200 GGG-ltd 10/1/20 10/1/20 300 MMM-ltd 11/1/20 11/1/20 400...
  9. M

    Using Index/Match or Vlookup to get one result out of multiple results

    Hi there. My very first post here. I'm an intermediate Excel user and have been working on a project. I have a problem where I am using Index and Match formula to index one result (Using Match formula to determine both the row number and the column number in the Index formula). The problem is...
  10. H

    Multiple match criteria in different columns to return the unique value

    Hi, Can somebody help me with this problem? Thanks, Bobby
  11. M

    VBA Vlookup - if part number not found then display Msgbox and Exit Sub

    Hello, I have following macro which on Error will resume to next. Now I want to display a message box if an error is found and after exit SUB Message box( "Part number" & "PN" & "not found. Please define packaging details") By PN should be displayed the part number that is not found. Sub...
  12. E

    Formula Help

    I am trying to compare dates between 2 different worksheets in the same workbook and summarize differences on summary worksheet. First I would need to search by ID number to make sure I am looking for the correct line, than look at the close date, compare this to the other worksheet using same...
  13. G

    Vlookup index match across multiple sheets and average values

    I have a list of Golfers in my "Summary" tab where I want my vlookup to find the golfers name in each of the four sheets and then look at a specific column and average those values in the summary sheet. Is this possible? I have been looking around and have not seen anything pertaining to the...
  14. J

    Using Vlookup and Index/Match across differing sheets

    So I have one table with differing columns of ID and its information per row on 1 sheet and another sheet has ID that asks for associated data from different columns. Eg ID is A column and info for associated is in D,E or B column. Each row has unique information. On another sheet is ID and...
  15. H

    Sum values based on multiple words found in string of text

    Hello, I have what I think to be a tricky VBA job. I have two tables, one with single names, and the other with full names. I am going to assign a numerical sum based on the combination of single names found in full names. For example: Bob = 5, Michael = 6, Scott = 7. With name and number...
  16. asokaw

    Find the REF No where the Amt is = to the same negative amount

    I need a formula to show the REF No to be inserted in Result Column when the Amt is = to the Negative Amt as shown
  17. H

    Vlookup cross reference two parameters

    I have a scenario where I am looking up supplier prices in one spreadsheet and putting them into another in order to produce a client quotation. In one tab I have information on our suppliers and their discount structure and on the other I have their prices. Some of our suppliers offer us...
  18. P

    Combined use of ISBLANK, VLOOKUP, IFERROR

    Hi, I want to use multiple cases in single cell. Case 1 : In ‘B3’ cell value are appearing by using VLOOKUP from cell ‘A3’ Case 2 : Want to use IFERROR to avoid #N/A in cell ‘B3’ Case 3: If cell ‘C3’ is empty then cell ‘B3’ should return to empty. I am able to combine case 1 and case 2. Now I...
  19. M


    Hi everyone, Last time I reached out to you, I felt the love with so many responses so quickly. I am a teacher and I’m trying to look for ways to streamline my duties. I'm currently reviewing the courses I teach - focussing on equipment used, and duration for each module. I have been asked...
  20. R

    Vlookup and Match-Need VBA solution

    I am facing a problem with vlookup and i think could not solve using the Excel formula The column H values to be checked in Column A and if the words in a cell match, then it should collect the adjacent values and display in Column C and D with comma seperated. The column H values to be...

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