Copy or mirror data in one tab to other tabs within same file and allow for changes.


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Dec 22, 2017
Ok I have a challenge for you. First I have a sample file I can attach or send to anyone (don't see a way to attach it here) that will help you to understand what I'm wanting because I'm sure that my description below will not be good.

I have a file where I keep track of every work order that comes in my lab. It has many tabs all within that file that allows me to sort out different info I want. (Master, JAN =January, FEB=February,.... totals, etc.) so I have a tab for each month of the year and along with totals and other data that I want. When the file is open the first tab is titled MASTER. Pretty much its a running list of work orders with columns that breaks down all the info that i want to keep track of from name, date in, date out, type, who sent, etc. As a work order comes in it is input into this master tab and that row is changed as it moves through the process until it is done and sent out. This page is fluid on an everyday basis from new info, changed data within the row, rows moved up and down within that page, or even deleted rows with data. Example: John Doe 66 came in today, all of his info would be put into the next open row in master tab and the date in would be today. (date in hardly changes but sometimes has to) then about 8 more John Does all come in after the first one. again all done the same way and in order row after row. Now as the process works out John Doe 69 might be completed and his date out is before John Doe 66 so I will copy and paste his row (within the master) above John Doe 66 and mark him complete. (change the color font) and do that each time as each order is completed until they all are. (make sense?)

In the past once the end of each month was up I would copy and paste all the data in the master that fit within the "Date In" column and paste that data in the corresponding tab at the bottom. so if the date in was between 01/01/17 and 01/31/17 then everything would be pasted in the JAN tab. this worked however it moved the already set up formulas within each monthly tab down however many rows that i had just pasted into that JAN tab. Lets say I had 187 rows of info that i select, copy and paste into JAN tab the columns and formulas I also have made that stay within each month tab move down 187 rows and the formulas change those numbers. (in each month I have some things set to get me certain info that i use later) I would have to move it back up and change the numbers within the formula etc.. it just didn't work like I'm sure it can. **side note I would like to be able to save or set all the formulas within each tab to never change if that's possible too.

What I would like is once I type in data in a row in the master tab and type in a date in the "Date In" row that data within that row is also copied into the tab named for that month. so 1/05/18 would be copied into JAN tab in the next open row. then as I change the data within that row again in the master it also changes it in the JAN tab to match the same thing. (the kicker here is as they move to complete I change the date out, change the color of the font, and cut and paste it to below the last date out in the list. You will be able to see this in the sample I have. So like I said the data in the master sheet will change everyday. and i would like for the data within each tab to change with it automatically and go off of the "date in" as to where that data is.

Ok I will stop there and if you have questions which I'm sure you will because I know I didn't explain this very well. thanks again everyone you have always been such a huge help to me.

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