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Feb 15, 2013
Dear all,
Trust you’re all well.
I have a dashboard with VBA forms that uploads csv files taken from our internal system to a specific dashboard.
All info is being pasted on the right columns and so on, the only field giving me headaches is the one is being extracted with date and time even though, on the CSV file, the cells does not recognize the info as date. They came on the following format: “ hh:mm:ss” as attached example in column “H”.
The issue I have is with some colleagues based in the US. When I copy this info from CSV file into Excel as date, some of the dates comes in US format and some dates in European.
E.g., if one of the dates are 08.01.2019, it will reverse to 1st of August 2019 instead of 8th of January 2019.
As we do not need the hours; seconds and milliseconds, I have created a code to delete it and only paste the date.
The code I use to copy from CSV file and paste to XLSM file is the following:
‘ScWs = Source File (CSV)
‘TgWs = Target File (xlsm)

TgWs.Cells(iRowReg, 6).Resize(98, 1).NumberFormat = "@"


TgWs.Cells(iRowReg, 6).Resize(98, 1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues

'Code to keep only date and delete the hours "00:00:00"
For Each Cell In Range("F14:G1000")
    If Not IsEmpty(Cell) Then
        Cell.Value = Left(Cell, 10)
    End If
Next Cell
On first line of code, I have forced to format the column target as “text” to avoid excel mix the dates.
My goal is to paste the dates and force the European format such as e.g. “1st March 2019”.
Any ideas will be highly appreciated.
Best regards,

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