Highlight Rows in Different Color Based on Multiple ConditionsHighlight Rows in Different Color Based on Multiple Conditions


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Hi goodmorning, I hope you can help, I have tried conditional formatting but it doesn’twork in the way I want it to, I hope you can help me with the vba code for it.
I have row Nthat if ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is highlighted from a list then I want the column to begreen if yes and red if no.
Then in RowB if ‘2 man ladder’, ‘2 man other’ or 2 man no parking’ is shown from the list I want the column tobe a light blue colour.
I hope youcan help me please. There are other rowsand columns I need adding as well, but these are some for examples.

I reallyhope you can help me please with this.



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Not 100% clear.

Green if "Yes"
Red if "No"

Light Blue if "2 man..."

Select range to highlight, e.g. N1:N100

Conditional Formatting
New Rule
Use a formula to determine...

format as green
format as red

Go through same procedure again to search for "2 man ", obviously highlighting th range in column B with this different formula

=LEFT(B1,6)="2 man ")
format as light blue

Adjust the row number in both formulas to reflect the start row of the range you want to highlight


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hi thank you for your message, I did go through the same procedure in conditional formatting, but it didn't work, I can highlight the 2 man to blue under row B but when I click on yes under row N it doesn't go green


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Hi thanksfor your help, I have added the file to drop box please see link below. If you select ‘2 man ladder’ or ‘2 man ladder’or ‘2 man other’ from the list in B2 then what I need is the whole column toturn blue.
But thenwhen the appointment has been booked in and the person selects yes from row N Ithen want the whole column to go green, and ig they choose no to go red.
Hope thismakes sense.




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Select A2:N last row & use
=LEFT($B2,5)="2 man" for blue
=$N2="Yes" for green
=$N2="No" for red


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No they are formulae to use in conditional formatting.
Select the range A2:N last row > conditional formatting > new rule > use a formula
Then enter the first formula & select your format.
Repeat the above for the other two formulae


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Hi I did try this before but it didn't work, it doesn't work when 2 man is in B2 and I then click on yes it doesn't work with both options open.


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It does work if applied correctly. Did you follow my instruction exactly?
Also you should know by now that phrases such as "didn't work" & "doesn't work" are less than helpful.

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