Opening an earlier file cause certain links to show old value


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Hi all,

I have an Excel file for the month end where I compare the data from this month to last year, for the actual month and year-to-date. When I open an earlier Excel file, certain links don't show the correct value anymore, I have to reopen the source file so that the correct value shows up again and it's always the data from last year that's causing problem.

So for example, if my file for March 2019 is ready and I open my file for January 2019, my value for March YTD 2018 will change to those of January YTD 2018 and I need to open my source of 2018 so that the value for March YTD 2018 comes back.

It's like Excel is saving old value or something. The file for YTD 2018 is a file where I need to write 1, 2, etc. for the month and the last column will add whichever month depending on the number, so I write 3 and it adds the value of January to March together. Does someone know what could cause this sort of behavior?

Thanks in advance.

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