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Author Gives Away Free Excel Training Book

Uniontown, Ohio, April 23, 2004

Lessons Save Precious Time – Easy to Follow Instructions


9 February 2005, Uniontown, Ohio—Most “how to” books on computer programs take the boring approach of describing each option in the program without explaining how to use it in a real-world environment – “Learn Excel from Mr Excel” teaches by using typical applications and problems as examples.

Author Bill Jelen has been teaching Excel (tm) at the college level for many years. His new book is the next best thing to attending his class in person.

“The book is based on the things that I teach in my highly reviewed Power Excel Seminar. It isn’t sexy amazing stuff, just the stuff that you need to know to use Excel really efficiently. There are 277 techniques in the book and any one of them can save you hours per week,” explained Jelen.

He recently appeared on TechTV in Canada. The next day after the show he was greeted by an email message from a viewer who said just one tip give on the program has saved time for him.

“I work with large files in which I insert a row and had to sum for each section - took hours - I did it this morning in about 20 seconds - thank you for saving me hours a month,” said the viewer in the e-mail.

The book offers 277 real-life business problems. Each problem includes an explanation of the problem, strategy for solving, details on the strategy, any gotcha’s, alternate approaches, and a summary. The most important result is the time you save so you can be more productive.

Jelen is giving away his book free, one chapter per week to anyone who visits his web site at There is no obligation and no commitment to buy the hard-copy version of the book when it is published.