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M is for (DATA) MONKEY

December 2015

M is for (DATA) MONKEY
Despite the moniker "data monkey", we information workers are often more like data magicians. Our data seldom enters our world in a ready-to-consume format; it can take hours of cleaning, filtering, and reshaping to get things ready to go. Power Query will make this process faster the first time and reduce it to a single button click every subsequent time.

When it comes to importing, cleaning, and transforming data to get it ready for analysis, you can learn Power Query faster than you can learn Excel formulas, and it handles complex sources much more easily than VBA. There is no doubt in our minds that Power Query will change the way Excel pros work with data forever. If you are using Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016 on a Windows PC, Power Query is available to you. This book will teach you pro tips for getting the most from Power Query.

Immediately after purchase, you can download PDF, mobi, and/or ePub versions of the book.

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