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Excel Problems a.k.a "The MrExcel Challenge"

Solve Excel problems and WIN A PRIZE! Check out our Challenge of the Month and see what you can do! We periodically post a challenge to our Excel user community. Whoever successfully solves the problem wins a cool prize and bragging rights! What more could you ask for?


Excel Challenge for April/May 2013: Perfect Shuffle Challenge

Dan Mayoh poses the Perfect Shuffle challenge.

Take a 52-card deck. Do 8 perfect shuffles and the deck is back in the original sequence! How many perfect shuffles does it take for a 200 card deck? A 4 card deck? Build a model to find out. Results are here.

Excel Challenge for May 2011: Build A Visually Striking Dashboard using MS PowerPivot and MS ADM in MS Excel 2010

PowerPivot and Azure Data Marketplace [ADM]: Use Them Together to Create a Visually Striking Dashboard.

The Contest Rules - Reviving the Challenge of the Month

From May 5, 2011 to June 4, 2011, the challenge will be for you to think of and then create the most visually striking dashboard you can imagine using Microsoft PowerPivot and Microsoft Azure Data Marketplace together in Microsoft Excel 2010! Just Build it!

Click here for a full page of information and 'How-To' for the May 2011 MrExcel Challenge!

Excel Challenge for April 2011: Use Excel As An Authoring Tool For The Web

Embedding a Range of Any Excel Workbook in a Web Page or Blog Post

Back in February of 2011, I was in Redmond for my annual pilgrimage to Microsoft. This is always a great trip, because I get to provide feedback to the people who actually are building the next version of Excel. Plus, I get to catch up with many friends from the Excel MVP community. On this trip, I was able to use a new feature that is available to you now.

Click here for a full page of information and 'How-To' for the April 2011 MrExcel Challenge!

Excel Challenge Blasts from The Past: Challenges from days gone by

Check out all of MrExcel’s past Excel challenges!


General form of Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions:

  • Decisions of the judges is final.

  • Contest is open to anyone* who can meet the requirements for competition.

  • Contest is void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted by law.

  • Employees of Tickling Keys, Inc - et al are not eligible for contest entry

* Contestants younger than age 3 require parental or guardian permission; older than 105 years require a physician's statement.

* If rash develops, discontinue use.

* Terms and Conditions are subject to change - but that probably won't happen.



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