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"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet"

Product Details
:  204 Pages  Out of Print
ePub: 352 pages (iPad Portrait)

  • Sample Files Index

  • Sample Files for Each Chapter

  • Screenshots throughout

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
ISBN 978-1-61547-003-7 (Print)
ISBN 978-1-61547-206-2 (PDF)
ISBN 978-1-61547-326-7 (ePub)
ISBN 978-1-61547-106-5 (mobi)

Electronic Price: $9.99 USD
Print Price: $14.95 USD Out of Print

Purchase the eBook Version $9.99 USD (ePub or PDF)

Purchase the Print Version $14.95 USD Out Of Print
(with downloadable PDF)


"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet:
A Beginner's Guide To Overcoming Excel's Frustrations" by Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen.
A Publication from Holy Macro! Books

"This Book will bring the Excel Beginner from Zero to Familiar!"

VLOOKUP Awesome Quick by Bill Jelen - Enhanced Multimedia E-Book - Screenshot Promo 1

"A First of It's Kind Excel Beginner Book - from Holy Macro! Books"

"If you are heading to a job interview this afternoon where you have to "Know Excel", read chapter 9 this morning to get the lingo down. You will have familiarity with the important features in Excel."

Many 'Beginner Oriented' Excel How-To books say they can bring you from zero to familiar with the important features of Microsoft Excel - 'Don't Fear The Spreadsheet' actually will. Why are we so confident? Because the questions in this book were asked by an absolute Excel Beginner - Tyler Nash - with the answers provided by three (3) Microsoft MVPs specializing in and dedicated to teaching others Microsoft Excel, from the ground up - Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen.

There are five levels of Excel proficiency:

  • Level 1: 20% of people using Excel do little more than open an Excel attachment from an e-mail and click Print.

  • Level 2: Another 20% will do some simple formatting and e-mail the document.

  • Level 3: Add simple formulas, Filter

  • Level 4: Subtotals, formulas like IF and VLOOKUP, Record a macro

  • Level 5: Pivot Tables, Array Formulas, Write VBA

This book is designed for the person in level 1 & 2. It will raise your proficiency to a solid Level 4.

Cool Features in the Book:

  • The book includes three case studies, each designed to raise your level to Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. If you do nothing more than work through the three case studies, you will gain confidence with Excel.

  • You Did What? - Read a dozen stories about other people who found themselves doing a common Excel task the hard way. Learn why this method is bad and faster ways to solve the problem

  • Introduction to Data Analysis - chapter 9 introduces concepts like Sorting, Subtotals, and Pivot Tables. This will prevent the "deer in the headlights" look when your manager starts rattling off a bunch of foreign concepts.

  • The final chapter even introduces VLOOKUP. Perhaps VLOOKUP is a bit advanced for this book, but we will walk you through your first VLOOKUP.

  • Every Way To... Chapter 8 shows you every conceivable way to do eight common tasks in Excel. This is in case your manager is a control freak who wants you to do things his way. The book will describe the various methods and identify the fastest method. If your way happens to be faster than his way, show him the book and tell him he should change!

"This Book Makes Excel For Dummies™ Look Like It Was Written For Rocket Scientists!"


From The Foreword:

In May of 2010 I found myself sitting in a conference room in Ohio with Bill Jelen and the rest of the MrExcel crew. A few hours into it and several daydreams later it dawned on me that these people had no clue what it was to be ‘unfamiliar’ with Excel. Needless to say I brought this to their attention as it was becoming increasingly difficult to decode the Excel jargon. “Excuse me,” I interrupted. “You are aware that there are people out there who haven’t a clue what to do after opening Excel, right?” Crickets…. Followed by a table of people staring at me…. Silent, both astonished and horribly disappointed. After what seemed an eternity of awkward and terrifying silence, Bill Jelen turned to me and said, “I’m not sure what you mean.” – Tyler Nash


What does "Don't Fear The Speadsheet" cover? Have a look at the Table of Contents!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Excel Basics  1

Why Do We Need Excel?  1

What ‘Practical’ uses Does Excel Have?  2

What is the Intersection of a Row and Column Referred to As?  3

What’s a Workbook?  4

How Many Worksheets come in a Workbook?  5

How Do I Insert New Worksheets into a Workbook?  5

What’s With The Masking Tape?  6

How Can I QUICKLY Erase an Entire Sheet?  8

How can I QUICKLY Delete an Entire Sheet From the Workbook?  8

How Would I Go About Deleting Several Cells at The Same Time?   9

Can I Reset Some Cells in a Worksheet While Keeping Others?  10

What Does ‘Freeze Panes’ Do?  12

What is the Native File Format For Excel?  14

Typing Just Enough Characters To Fill a Cell, Then Moving to Next Cell  14

I Can’t Select the Right Cell  15

My Laptop Screen is Too Small I Can’t Manage to Click on the Right Cell  15

How can I Add More Rows or Columns to My Spreadsheet?  15

What Allows Me to Access Popular Commands From Any Ribbon Tab?  16

How Do I Use the Arrows Keys to Navigate More Efficiently?  17

How can I See a List of Worksheet Names, and Quickly go to a Sheet if I Cannot See its Sheet tab?  19

How Can I Quickly Move Between Several Excel Files That I Have Open?  20

When Selecting a Range, The Corner That I Started in is not Also Highlighted  20

How Do I Select a Large Area of Cells Without Having to Click and Drag?  21

Can I Cut and Paste Cells From One Worksheet Into Another?  22

Is it Possible to Change How Often Excel AutoSaves?  22

How do I Add Headers and Footers to My Worksheet When I Print it?  23

Old School Print Titles at Top of Each Page  25

How Do I Center My Work in Excel?  26

Print to Blueprint Printer Then Reduce on Copier Three Times  28

Chapter 2 – Formatting  29

Is There a Way to Make a Sheet with Only a Few Cells and Columns?  29

That Dotted Line Isn’t There For Centering!  38

How Do I Put the Path and File Name in the Footer?  38

Word Wrap Woes  39

How can I Merge Multiple Cells into a Single Cell?  41

How Can I Copy Cell Formatting?  42

How Can I Remove Cell Formatting?  44

Is it Possible to Change the Color of a Worksheet Tab?   45

Can I Customize Color?  46

All My Numbers Are Corrupt!  49

Can I Delete Data From a Spreadsheet without Changing the Formatting?  52

How Do I Set Up Cells to Show Dollars and Cents?  52

I Type 0345 in a Cell and Excel Changes it to 345  54

When I Enter 3680, Excel Leaves Off the Zero  55

How can I Show My Numbers as Thousands or Millions?  58

How Can I Remove The Lines From Excel?  59

How can I Insert Rows or Columns Within My Existing Data?  60

Can I Make Part of the Text in a Cell Red?  61

Can I Double Space Lines in Excel?  62

Are There any other Formatting Tips?  63

Chapter 3 - Formulas I  65

Back to Top...

When is it OK to use a Calculator with Excel?  65

My Coworker Used an Adding Machine to Add a Column of 100 Numbers!  65

How Do I Total All the Rows and Columns in My Table of Numbers?  66

I Added Up a Column of Numbers with a Formula of =A2+A3+A4+A5+A6+ A7+A8+A9+A10  67

How Can I Average a Set of Numbers?  69

Can I Change the Default Setting for my AutoSum?  69

Do I Have To Put the Sum Formula In the Same Row or Column As the Data?  71

Can My Formula Be Open Ended To Accomodate New Numbers?  74

How can I Add up Numbers in One Column Depending on What is in Another Column?  78

My Numbers Aren’t Adding Up!   79

Why Isn’t AutoSum Working?  80

Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Shift-Tab Shift-Tab Shift-Tab Shift-Tab Shift-Tab Shift-Tab  81

How Can I Use Excel as a Calculator?  82

How do I Write Equations Using Different Numbers in Different Cells?  83

Using the QuickSum Instead of AutoSum  83

Is There a Difference Between Typing in the Cell Itself and Typing in the Formula Bar?  84

How do I Build a Formula?  85

Is There a Way to Do Exponents in Excel?  89

Why Doesn’t the COUNT Function Count All Non-Blank Cells?  90

Chapter 4 - More Advanced Topics  91

What are Some Useful Shortcut Keys?  91

What is a Simple Way to Compare Two Different Ranges of Data?  93

What Does the Format Painter Do?  94

Does Splitting One Worksheet Allow Me To Use One Spreadsheet As Two?  96

Why Would I Ever Use the Shapes?  97

How Can I Click a Cell That Has a Hyperlink, Without Following the Link?  99

Why is There a Green Triangle in The Top Left of A Cell?  100

How can I Find or Replace an Asterisk or Question Mark on My Worksheet?  101

How Do I Make a Cell Show an Abnormality in a Spreadsheet?  102

How Do I Undo Conditional Formatting?  103

What Are the Auto-Fill Options?  104

How Can I Hide Some Columns?  106

How Do I Unhide The Columns?  107

How Do I Unhide One Column But Not The Others?  107

How can I Delete Rows with Blank Cells?  108

I Need to Increase all Numbers in a Particular Column by 5?  110

How Do I Set the Same Page Setup For All Sheets in my Workbook?  111

What are Cell Comments and When Should I Use Them?  112

Can I Resize a Comment?  113

Use Visible Comments to Guide the Person Using Your Worksheet  113

Can I Change the Default Color of All Future Comments?  114

Track Changes - What Does it do, What Does it Not do?  114

Can I Require a Password to Open an Excel File?  115

What to do if I Forgot my Password for a Secured Workbook?  116

How do I Make My Workbook Read Only so it Can’t be Changed?  116

Why does Excel ask Me to Save When Nothing has Changed?  118

What is a Macro?  118

What Is an Add-In?  119

Can You Set Up Data to Auto-Delete After a Certain Amount of Time Has Passed?  119

Can Excel Talk?  120

Chapter 5 – Charts  121

How do I Convert My Data Into a Chart?  121

How Do I Go About Setting Up a Chart and a Table Simultaneously?  122

Chapter 6 - Formulas II  123

Back to Top...

I Typed 12-13 in a Cell and Excel Changed it to December 13?  123

I Want to Move to Level 3  125

How Can I Make Excel Round Numbers?  131

I Have to Divide This Row By The Mean of All Rows  133

How can I Strip Away the Left or Right Part of a Cell?  136

How can I Separate People’s First and Last Names?  137

How can I Fill Empty Cells With the Entry From Above?  139

What are Your Favorite Excel Functions?  141

Why Don’t the Formulas in My Workbook Re-calculate?  142

Is There a Way to Find the Value of Data or Numbers in Several Different Spreadsheets?  144

Excel Doesn’t Recognize My Dates?  144

Is it Possible to Make Excel Auto-Date?  145

How Can I Set Up Dates to Display The Way I Want After Importing?  146

How can I Combine a Date with Words in a Cell, and Make it Look Like a Date?  147

How can I Add or Subtract Days, Months, or Years from a date?  148

Is It Possible to Find the Date for a Particular Day in Excel?  149

How can I Calculate Time and Show a Result That Makes Sense?  151

Chapter 7 - Other Applications  153

Can I Transfer Excel Files from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010?  153

How do I Import Files into Excel?  153

How Can I Transfer Data from Excel to a Word Document?  156

After I Transfer an Excel Range to PowerPoint, Can I Edit the Data?  157

Chapter 8 - Every Way To  159

Tell Me Every Way to  159

Tell Me Every Way to Change Column Widths  159

Tell Me Every Way to Copy Cells   160

Tell Me Every Way to Paste Cells  160

Tell Me Every Way to Copy a Formula Down a Column  161

Tell Me Every Way to Convert Formulas to Values   162

Tell Me Every Way to Total a Column  163

Tell Me Every Way to Format Every Other Row   164

Tell Me Every Way to Turn Data Sideways  167

Chapter 9 - Data Analysis Intro  171

Back to Top...

Introduction to the Data Analysis Chapter  171

How Do I Sort Data?  171

What is the Filter on the Data tab?  172

Why Can’t I Filter to All of The Arizona Records?  174

How can I get Just the Unique Items From a List?  178

How do I Remove Duplicates?  180

My Boss Wants Me to Sort by Customer and Add Totals After Each Customer  180

How Can I Bold the Numbers in My Subtotaled data?  183

What is a Pivot Table?  185

Chapter 10 - Formulas III  189

How Can I Make a Decision in a Formula?  189

What is VLOOKUP and How can I use it?  190

How can I Look up a Value Across a Row Instead of Down a Column?  192

How can I Avoid Those Ugly Formula Errors Like #DIV/0! and #N/A?  193

How Do I Convert Numbers to Words?  194

Why Does Excel ask to Update Links When There Aren’t any Links in My Workbook?  195

How Can I Track Billable Hours in a Weekly Time Sheet?  196

Chapter 11 - Other Resources  201

I Have a Question That is not Answered in This Book  201

What Should I do After I Have Mastered Every Technique in This Book?  202

Index  203

Quick Reference  208

Excel Aptitude Test  209

To Learn More  210

Back to Top...

About The Authors

Bill Jelen is the host of You can find his daily Learn Excel podcasts on the bjele123 channel at YouTube. He has written 30+ books but says his Learn Excel 2007-2010 From MrExcel should be your next book purchase after you finish this book. When he isn’t writing about Excel, you will find him in a kayak on the Indian River near Merritt Island Florida or at his home near Akron, Ohio.

Tyler Nash is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in English and Philosophy. She is the Copy Editor for Holy Macro! Books. Outside of a love for learning, Tyler also enjoys playing the Didgeridoo and road trips.

Tom Urtis is owner of Atlas Programming Management (, a Microsoft Office business solutions company specializing in Excel project development and training. Tom also created the Excel Aptitude Test (called XAT, to measure Excel skills and know-how. When Tom’s not at the computer, he enjoys the outdoor life that California offers, and the diverse cultures of the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives.

Kevin Jones has been building applications in too many languages for too many years starting with IBM mainframe Basic Assembly Language. He is known for his ability to use Visual Basic to get Excel to do the most unusual and unexpected things. As “zorvek” he has answered close to 10,000 questions about Excel and Visual Basic on various online forums. NASA wouldn’t take him so he spends his free evenings with his daughter Emily at the theater watching 3D superhero films.


"Don't Fear The Speadsheet: A Beginner's Guide To Overcoming Excel's Frustrations"
© 2012 by Holy Macro! Books


Author: Tyler Nash, Bill Jelen, Tom Urtis, Kevin Jones

Distributed by: Independent Publishers Group, Chicago, IL

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

Product Details
Print:  204 Pages  Out of Print
ePub: 352 pages (iPad Portrait)

  • Sample Files Index

  • Sample Files for Each Chapter

  • Screenshots throughout

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
ISBN 978-1-61547-003-7 (Print)
ISBN 978-1-61547-206-2 (PDF)
ISBN 978-1-61547-326-7 (ePub)
ISBN 978-1-61547-106-5 (mobi)

Electronic Price: $9.99 USD
Print Price: $14.95 USD Out of Print

Purchase the eBook Version $9.99 USD (ePub or PDF)

Purchase the Print Version $14.95 USD Out Of Print
(with downloadable PDF)

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