personal macro workbook

  1. gravanoc

    Using Application.Run to call macro from Personal Macro Workbook

    I want to run a macro in my Personal Macro Workbook from another workbook. I have not been successful. I believe that this is the required syntax: Sub Caller() Dim rngA As Range Set rngA = Selection ' The next line works when calling a macro in a workbook other than...
  2. B

    Personal Macro Workbook Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

    I recently changed laptops. And now when I try and record macros on my personal macro workbook and assign a keyboard shortcut, the keyboard shortcuts don't work. However, if I open up the code/VBA and click run, it runs the macro just fine. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. N

    Export all sheets as XLSX

    I want to export all sheets as xlsx with vba, and save that macro in the personal workbook. I searched online for some code and then I modified it, so that I could select the folder in which I want to save the sheets in, and it works, but only if the macro is saved in the workbook I am working...
  4. Marty Plante

    Sync and/or backup Personal macro workbook

    I want my personal macro workbook to reside, or be synchronized to, a location within SharePoint. I have searched off and on over the past 2 years and cannot find a decent response. My hopes are to store all VBA code in the Personal wb, but have that same code in my other pc's if not...
  5. R

    Excel Alert: Can't find Personal Macro Workbook

    Every since updating to Excel for Mac Version 16.18 (181014) recently, everytime I open Excel I receive an Alert saying "Sorry, we couldn't find Personal Macro Workbook. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?" I haven't moved, renamed or deleted it it. It has been in the same folder...
  6. A

    Shared Personal workbooks

    In the office in which I work, many employees are using a shared personal workbook. Here's how that is set up: On a network drive, there is a PERSONAL.xlam file. A shortcut to that is on everyone's XLSTART folder. The file is updated frequently, and that was the best way I could figure out how...
  7. K

    Personal Macro workbook sending emails Macro Problem

    I created a personal macro that would allow me to automatically send emails using Excel. The macro works fine if I am using the actual workbook where the macro was created but not on new workbooks. I believe the macro is generating the fields to search base on the work book where the macro was...
  8. L

    how to use same vba code/script for different excel file/workooks?

    Hi, I'm really new in excel macro and VBA. i need help how to use the same vba code/script on different/multiple excel file/workbooks? for example, in file 1 there is code or script on module. so when i close file 1, i open new workbook and want use the same code/script on module of file 1. i...
  9. O

    Cannot locate personal macro workbook!

    Hello! I need help. I'm reletively new to Excel and trying to get a handle on Macros. After relentless internet searches, I still cannot find clear instructions on how to solve my issue. Goal: to have a Macro that I can use in any workbook. Problem 1: currently, I am not able to record...
  10. D


    Hi Gurus, :-D This is my first post so if I'm not playing by the rules, I'm happy to take on any feedback... So I have a code that I use frequently that I want to place in my "personal macro workbook" so I can call it quickly without re-writing it each time I wish to use it. The code...
  11. J

    Personal Macro Workbook; Excel creates a new one

    I have had been writing 28 different macros into my Personal Macro Workbook on Excel. Mac 2011 version. Today, I opened the file and redid a macro and saved it. Came back to record it again with other changes and every time I do, the system creates a New Personal Macro Workbook and saves it...
  12. G

    Excel 2010 Macros in personal.xlsb not accessible from main worksheet

    I have a bank of user defined functions (UDF's) which I keep in the personal.xlsb workbook. I used to run Excel 2003, and the same functions worked fine both in the personal.xlsb and main worksheets. In Excel 2010 I can use them in the personal.xlsb workbook when it is unhidden, but cannot do...
  13. N

    Is it possible to change the location of Personal.xlsb?

    We recently changed PCs at work. Generally, all of my files are stored on a network drive so access to those file still works. However, I noticed that I seemed to have "lost" many of my macros and VBA codes. It seems like these codes were stored in the PERSONAL.XLSB file that is stored in the...
  14. C

    Ribbon and Quick Access Buttons not executing macros assigned to them

    Yesterday, I noticed that my custom "Close without Saving" button stopped working. I checked the VBA editor and my Personal workbook was missing and all of my personal macros were gone. I restarted excel, same issue. Rebooted my machine and they re-appeared. Not sure how what happened, but...
  15. N

    Copy Personal.xlsb file to another drive

    Hi all,</SPAN></SPAN> I have a personal.xlsb file where all my macro’s are placed. Right now it is stored in the standard location; </SPAN>C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PERSONAL.XLSB. </SPAN>The problem is that when I want to work from home, I have to open my excel from a...
  16. C

    Finding the personal macro workbook

    I'm trying to make my macros available to all of my excel projects. I've already read two articles from Microsoft Support, but they don't help. Every time I've made typed code, I have just opened up the Visual Basic icon in Excel. I have never used the "Record Macro" button. when I try to...
  17. L

    Excel 2010 'ghost' workbook shown in Move or Copy dialogue box

    Hi All My second ever forum post, exciting times! I am using Excel 2010 in Windows 7 on a new work network and have a personal macro workbook. I mention these points because I have been having issues which are related to them. Firstly I am sometimes forced to open files as read only because...
  18. CaterinaAnna

    Personal Macro Workbook does not open

    Morning All I have just tried to run a macro from my Personal Macro Workbook only to find it had not opened. A little investigation showed that it is still available in the correct directory, but it only opens if I open Excel as a separate stage: if I directly open an existing workbook, then...
  19. M

    Excel 2003 VBA no longer referencing

    I created a couple of functions in a separate module called "Functions" and one for Subprocedures named likewise, both located in the Personal workbook. I had a function called "ConvertCalDate" defined as a date. It worked perfectly fine and I was able to reference it in any of my workbooks...
  20. T

    Personal Workbook close when closing excel

    can someone help me with my hoe computer 2003-2007 excel It seems that if you have recorded a macro in personal macro workbook excell doesnt close completly when closing a work book personal workbook is hidden of course but this is what happens i open excel by double clicking an excel...

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