Conditional format based on various cells


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Could anyone please advise on conditional formatting?

I'm trying to use a formula to have say cell a1 to change colour IF cell d1 has any input?

I've been trying conditional formatting in cell a1 as - If(d1="",TRUE,FALSE) but no change happens with input to cell d1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I tried '=IF(G14<>"",TRUE,FALSE)' but doesn't seem to work.
What does column G have to do with anything? It wasn't mentioned in post 1. :confused:

Fluff's suggestion works for me as I understand what you wrote in post 1.

Excel Workbook
Conditional Formatting
A11. / Formula is =D1<>""Abc


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Apologies Peter I was using A1 and D1 just as an example. My worksheet has a number of cells that I would need to meet the condition.

I was just hoping that I could grasp the idea from a example supplied here

Thank you so much to you and fluff for the support.


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I was just hoping that I could grasp the idea from a example supplied here
So, have you been able to do that?

BTW, in Conditional Formatting you never need something like
=IF(condition, TRUE,FALSE)

Just state the condition
and it will be itself TRUE or FALSE and the CF will work on that.
That is what Fluff's & my formulas do - no IF()


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Good morning fluff and Peter.
Fluff I have used the COUNTA function and have been getting the desired result :)
I couldn't get the D1,G4,C15,E5=4 to work for me properly.
I've had to go to each individual cell and use CF with 'COUNTA(G4). Next cell COUNTA(G5) and so on.

It certainly does what I require but I'm sure you guys will scoff at that.
I tried using a range ie. COUNTA(G4:G20) but that didn't work.
Could you just explain what =4 at the end of your formula meant please fluff?
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Counta counts any cell that is not completely empty, as I used 4 cells in the example I used =4, so if all 4 cells contain something counta will return 4 so you end up with 4=4 which returns true.

If you had 5 cells in the counta formula you would need to change it to =5

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