Consolidate by reference - automatically select data

Miro H

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Mar 25, 2015

I've workbook with some 100 sheets. This number increases each week. In each sheet there is a table with different dates and values assigned to these dates.

Each sheet has a same structure. The difference is only in the entered dates.

I have to consolidate by dates to get sum of values for the month.

The consolidation works fine but it is tiring to click each sheet, one by one and add it as consolidation reference.

Is there a faster way to do it then this manual way? Especially since in each worksheet same area is selected, only the worksheet name is different.

I didn't find a way to somehow load the list of consolidation references.
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Aug 1, 2002
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I've workbook with some 100 sheets.
Quite frankly, it sounds like you are using the wrong tool for the job (anytime you have a workbook with that many sheets, that is a sign that Excel might not be the best tool to be doing this in).
What you are describing is a database, and it would porobably be better to use a database program like Access, SQL, MySQL, or Oracle.

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