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Jul 18, 2018
Dear community,

In Excel, I am building a small database with information on employees, clients, invoices, etc. I have a separate file with some macros that I use to generate invoices. There are 3 things that I would like to have, where the first is required and the other 2 are nice to have.

1) In the file where I generate invoices, I would like to have a dropdown list with the employees and clients coming from the database file. I already found a way (link) where the database workbook needs to be open. However, I would like to have this stored on SharePoint or OneDrive instead. So an online file with database information and another workbook that is using the online file as a source for the dropdown list.
2) Is it possible to have the dropdown list searchable? Meaning that you type a few characters and then having the list updated based on those characters? I already found a way (link) that works with a dropdown in 1 field, but I would like to have this in a whole column.
3) Would it be possible in the invoice generation file, to take the highest invoice number from the database file and then generate it +1. Meaning that I will always have the invoice numbers adding up with 1. Lastly, it would even be amazing if I can update the database file with the latest invoice number and amounts.

I am doing this now in Excel (with reports in PowerBI), but if you have a better alternative to do this I am also open for that.

Thanks a lot for your support.


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