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May 6, 2016
Working inExcel 2016 - I typically have anywhere between 5-9 workbooks open at one time,working in them all simultaneously. I amtrying to figure out how to not have them linked in a way where if I save one workbook that it doesn’t freeze up the other workbooks(showing the action of saving the one in the status bar at the bottom of eachworkbook). I have to wait until the one is done saving before I can do anything– click into a cell, scroll, or anything in any other excel sheet.

I’m living with it and putting my worksheets to OneDrive hasactually sped it up significantly, so that helps, but thought if there was away I’d reach out to see if anyone else knew about it! I know it’s a mereseconds of waiting, but it adds up over time.

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Workdays for a market open Mon, Wed, Friday?
Yes! Use "0101011" for the weekend argument in NETWORKDAYS.INTL or WORKDAY.INTL. The 7 digits start on Monday. 1 means it is a weekend.


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Jul 2, 2014
Excel uses a multi-Document interface. So there is the single application running the multiple workbooks you have open. This allows you to move/copy sheets from one workbook to another. It is also why when saving one of these books, you have to wait to be able to anything in another.

You can run multiple Instances of Excel. This prevents the ability to move/copy sheets between books (and other limitations) but allows you to save a book in one Instance and continue working normally in a different Instance.

Hold ALT down and click an Excel launcher. Continue Holding ALT to asked if you want to start a new Instance.

Some applications that export to Excel also start new Instances of Excel causing headaches for some users.
Also, editing of the Personal Macro Workbook can only be done in the first instance.

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