creating line graphs (constant) when data is changed (dynamic)


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I am trying to find a way to compare some line graphs.
The data will be in 3 columns, B Date, C Time, D Result.
There are 288 samples taken per day, but the data may not start at midnight and go until midnight when analyzed.
Maybe the first sample when a file is opened is 9am, and from then a new sample is added every 5 minutes.
The data will be replaced every few days, but I want the sheet with calculations to stay the same and read from one tab that I can paste the new data in.

What I want to do is plot these on a line graph and compare day to day.
If I have 5 days in data regardless of time, I want to have a line graph for each day.
I thought I would be able to do this with pivot tables, but I have minimal experience with them and so far not having much luck.

Looking for suggestions or ideas.


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I don't see an edit button here, but I forgot to also mention that I want each line graph to be the day of data, so some days may have more or less that 288 points. 5 days, 5 lines, each starting with the first point of that day. If it starts at noon, not a big deal if the line starts in the middle of the graph.

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