How to modify the load behaviour of Excel 2010 add-in (e.g. flexfind)


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I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and had a few useful add-ins like flex find installed., I do not use these add-ins frequently.
Since it seems that Microsoft excel 2010 loads, these add-ins at start-up and it significantly increases the delay in starting up, I was hoping to make these load only when I need them.

The documentation in Microsoft at says that the load behaviour can be modified by going into the registry.

However, when I go into the same path in the registry, I do not find any mention of these add-ins. Also, another issue is that whenever I wanted to use these add-ins, I had to specifically go and load them manually myself. At the same time, during starting up, I clearly see a message in the splash window stating that these add-ins are being loaded.

So how do I avoid add-ins being loaded at start-up.. (And at the same time, as I stated, it seems that add-ins are really not being loaded because I have to manually load them when I need to use)

Thank you for any inputs


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This works for me

At end of day or when you no longer need to use ...
To Unload AddIn
AddIns("Name of AddIn").Installed = False
To Load AddIn when required
AddIns("Name of AddIn").Installed = True
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Flex find is not a COM add-in so you don't need the registry, you can just use the Add-ins dialog to load/unload them.


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Thank you for your responses.

@RoryA, Thank you for explaining the difference between the C OM and other add-ins. I used to wonder why am not able to start using Flex find immediately after starting Microsoft Excel 2010. Now I understand.

However, now the problem that I see is that even though the add-ins are actually not being loaded, I see them being mentioned in the splash screen of Microsoft Excel. When it is starting up stating that these add-ins are being loaded. And it spends quite a bit of time on loading these add-ins. It is almost 2 minutes that it takes to load the add-ins that are actually not COM.

Is this expected behaviour or is there anything that I can do to prevent the loading of add-ins on starting up of Microsoft Excel?

Thank you for any inputs


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You just use the add-ins dialog, as I mentioned, to disable or enable regular add-ins.

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