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How to Keep Tabs of Your Customers Use of Your VBA Workbooks »

February 25, 2018

Now with help from VBA Telemetry client, we can connect our desktop applications from Microsft Office product family (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint,...) to Application Insights.

MrExcel Joins Kindle Unlimited Program »

February 18, 2018

MrExcel and Holy Macro! Books have joined the Kindle Unlimited program for two dozen select backlist titles in our catalog. Subscribers in the program can access any of these titles on their Kindle for free.

Enter to Win a Copy of My New MrExcel LIVe Book »

February 12, 2018

My 54th Excel book - MrExcel LIVe is appearing on bookstore shelves on April 1, 2018. Starting on February 12, 2018, readers in the United States can enter to win one of the first autographed copies of the book from Read on to learn how I will sweeten the offer.

Last Chance for 20% off Excel and Power BI Dashboard Courses »

February 7, 2018

Mynda Treacy is recognized as the leading expert on creating amazing interactive dashboards by using the tools already in Excel. February 8 is the last day to save 20% on her next course.

Resolve to Learn Power Query in 2018 »

February 2, 2018

Power Query is the most amazing set of features to arrive in Excel in twenty years. It might take 18 months to learn how to be proficient using VBA macros in Excel. But you can get completely up the Power Query learning curve in hours or days.

Free Excel Dashboard Webinars from Mynda Treacy »

January 30, 2018

Mynda Treacy is recognized as the leading expert on creating amazing interactive dashboards by using the tools already in Excel. She will be sharing her secrets in a free webinar.

Bill 'MrExcel' Jelen To Present at InDesign Conference in New Orleans »

January 23, 2018

CreativePro Week is the best event for every creative professional who designs, creates, or edits in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. CreativePro Week combines four amazing conferences in a single week.

How to Pass Your Interview Excel Test »

January 17, 2018

Many job positions require candidates to have a mastery of Excel. Therefore, employers would like to test potential candidates during the interview process to ensure they can complete the Excel tasks that are required for the job. It is important to score high on your Pre-Employment Excel test and prove to you employer that you have what it takes to excel at the job.

Mail Merge to PDF from Excel »

December 29, 2017

On January 1, 2018, the minimum wage in New York City increases to $13.50. This means that millions of copies of form LS 54S or form LS54 – Notice and Acknowledgement of Pay Rate must be sent to workers. The State of New York provides a blank copy of this form as a password-protected PDF. How can you use Excel to prepare hundreds of such documents for your employees?