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Free Excel Tickmarks Add-in »

April 1, 2020

A seminar student of mine recently wrote: “Given our team’s migration to working from home and trying to maintain our effectiveness working remotely, we’ve been researching ways to drive consistent audit / review documentation through use of standard electronic audit tickmarks. Do you have any way that we can add tickmark icons to a cell through the Ribbon?”

Extend Excel Dynamic Arrays With FastExcel SpeedTools Version 4 »

February 3, 2020

Charles Williams is an Excel MVP in England. He is one guy, sitting in an office some 4,695 miles west of Redmond. In what Charles estimates as two- to three- man weeks, Charles built 44 enhancements to Dynamic Arrays. I’ve downloaded the beta of the software and the results are jaw-dropping. Now that I’ve seen them, I am not sure how I would live without them.

Bill Jelen's Sternly Written Policy on Posting Your Worksheet to the MrExcel Message Board »

January 24, 2020

Effective January 9, 2020, there are two acceptable ways to post your worksheet to the MrExcel Message Board: (1) Paste a screenshot or (2) post code generated by the official XL2BB.xlam add-in.

MrExcel Publishing’s Attempt to Document the Constantly Changing Excel Features in Office 365 »

January 13, 2020

“XLOOKUP is Great, but it Makes this Book Obsolete.” MrExcel Publishing’s Attempt to Document the Constantly Changing Excel Features in Office 365.

Resolve to Learn Power BI in 2020 »

December 26, 2019

It’s a new decade. You’ve been saying that you really need to transition your Excel skills to Power BI. If you are looking for a New Years Resolution for 2020, now is the time to get comfortable with Power BI and create a few dashboards.

URGENT: Early Adopters Should Check Their XLOOKUP Formulas »

November 4, 2019

An exciting change happened to the XLOOKUP function in the Office Insiders update that came out November 1, 2019. Many Insiders will be receiving this update as they arrive to work on Monday November 4, 2019.

Pivot Table Webinar Recording Now Available »

October 28, 2019

The Excel team at Microsoft has started a monthly Excel webinar featuring a different MVP each month. My October 2019 webinar featured all of my favorite pivot table techniques.

What version of Office 365 has the best Excel experience? »

June 7, 2019

Which version of Office 365 should you buy? If you spend 20, 30, 40, or more hours a week in Excel, there are three specific choices that will work.

Editorial: Microsoft Should Stop Selling Office 2019 to the General Public »

March 24, 2019

Wondering if you should upgrade to Office 2019 or Office 365? If you have access to the Internet, there is only one viable choice, and it is Office 365.