In today's episode, I compared how to find or remove duplicates. Excel 2007 offers cool new ways to do this. The first 3 tips work in any version of Excel. The last 2 methods work only in Excel 2007.

In his book, Beautiful Evidence, Edward Tufte introduced the concept of Sparklines. These are tiny, word-sized graphics that can convey a trendline over time.

One of the cool new features in Excel 2007 is the concept of document themes. A theme is a collection of colors, fonts, and shape effects. When you choose a new theme, you get a new look for your document.

In this episode, I talked about a simple gradebook application in Excel. Although the concept is simple, there are several formulas in the gradebook that can trip you up.

Recently, I have been out doing several Excel Power Seminars. When you get 150 accountants in a room for a laugh-filled morning of Excel tips and tricks, I always learn something new. Someone in the audience is able to share a cool trick with the rest of the room.

Sudoku is the hot new puzzle craze appearing in many daily newspapers.

Pivot tables are a powerful feature in Excel. While I've discussed pivot tables in many previous episodes, I recently learned a new trick with pivot tables that will allow you to quickly create a report for every customer or every department, etc.

One of the cool new features in Office 2007 are the business diagramming tools. Microsoft calls these SmartArt.

Excel is a great spreadsheet program. However, it does a lousy job of sharing spreadsheets. If you turn on sharing, then a whole host of features become disabled in Excel.

In this article, we take a look at the stats workbook.

Some simple tips to make Excel easier.

This article reveals some printing secrets in Excel.

Most teachers have computers in their classroom, but don’t know how to utilize Excel. In this segment, we’ll take a look at charting projects your students can do in Excel.

I wanted to do a mail merge from Excel to Word. However, when the person sent me the data, it was in the wrong sequence. Instead of having the data go across the columns, the data had the information going down the rows of column A.

Processing Market Research Data in Excel

You have a dataset with customer, date, HW Sales, SW Sales, Total. There are thousands of rows. You would like to get totals by customer. This article shows four ways for getting the totals.

Your evil co-worker gave you a workbook filled with formulas and then left the company. How can you figure out what is going on?

Most teachers have computers in their classroom, but don’t know how to utilize Excel. In this segment, we’ll take a look at 3 classroom uses for Excel: Create customized math exercise sheets, Track reading progress and Track Attendance

Many of the tips at are accounting-oriented. However, Excel is also a favorite tool for scientists. I recently published a new book that takes a look at Excel for Scientists and Engineers. Today's tip is taked from Gerry Verschuuren's book.

The next version of Excel is due out in September, 2006. Microsoft has been incredibly forthcoming about the new features in Office 12. I've been monitoring several blogs by employees of Microsoft.