Most people think that Excel is just for calculating numbers. It also has a great variety of calculations and functions for managing text as well.

Collectors can track their collections using an Excel spreadsheet. In this article, we have some tips on cool features in Excel for helping to track your collection.

Today we have a list of sales by store. You need to add a subtotal for each store. This article shows how you can easily do this with Automatic Subtotals in Excel.

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Creating Charts in Excel is easy. In this article I'll show you some charting tips to make it even easier.

Since the first time that I saw OneNote at the Microsoft Authors and Publishers Conference in 2003, I fell in love with the product. It is a note-keeping tool that is great on my desktop PC at home.

One of the common questions at the MrExcel Message Board is how to use the SumIf function with two different conditions. Unfortunately, the answer is that SumIf can not handle two different conditions. In order to do two conditions, you have to use a rather complicated array formula.

Track Maintenance Due Dates by using TODAY function and Conditional Formatting.

Store your addresses in Excel and you have two methods for producing labels; either using the Mail Merge feature in Word, or a custom macro in Excel.

Dates give a lot of people problems in Excel. Excel's date calculations can be great, if you know the tricks and tips shown in this article.

Excel is great at doing calculations for loans. Most people know how to use basic Excel functions such as SUM() or AVERAGE(), but there are many more powerful functions available in Excel. One such function will help you to plan your next car loan.

In August, Microsoft released version SP1 of OneNote. This is a must-have upgrade. They added many incredible features, include an application programming interface that allows other applications to push data to OneNote.

Every copy of Excel sold since 1995 includes the incredibly powerful Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) hiding behind the cells. If you have Excel, you have VBA. VBA allows you to automate anything that you can do in Excel, plus do more things that are not generally possible in Excel.

Pivot Tables are very a very powerful feature of Excel. To read more about Pivot Tables, check out Guerilla Data Analysis E-Book.

I teach a class on Power Excel at the University of Akron. Although it is advertised as an advanced class, there are always some basic concepts that the students don't seem to know. I am amazed at how the simplest techniques will cause the most excitement. This is one of those tips.

Using Excel as an easy drawing tool instead of learning CAD is a cool use of Excel.

Many know how to use Excel to chart existing data. It is also possible to have Excel automatically add a trend line to show the slope of data points.

You've written the perfect macro using Excel VBA. Rather than having to remember a shortcut key, you would like to add a button to the worksheet to invoke the macro.