Excel Tips

Enter Time Without Colon »

January 22, 2002

Event Handlers in Excel.

Keep Excel Window in Focus »

January 22, 2002

When I call Help without using the assistant (F1) Excel resizes itself to allow the Help window and the spreadsheet to be visible at the same time. Is there anything to prevent this?

Working with Dates »

January 21, 2002

How to fill a column with the last date of the month, starting with the last date of one particular month.

Finding the Average Between Two Data Sets »

January 19, 2002

I'm trying to calculate the median of salaries with a particular job code within a large set of data... something like a Sumif function but to calculate the median.

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Number »

January 18, 2002

Is there anyway in Excel that I can round numbers to nearest number?

Return Zero instead of #N/A »

January 17, 2002

How can I have VLOOKUP return a 0 or a empty string instead of #N/A?

Tabbing Through Specific Cells »

January 16, 2002

How to move from cell to another (and skip some cells) by pressing the tab key or some other key.

Email An Excel Workbook »

January 15, 2002

How to place a form button on an Excel worksheet that, when clicked, will email the same Excel worksheet to someone.

Find the Last Row of Data in a Range »

January 15, 2002

How to find the last used row in a particular sheet.