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Rounding Time to a Specific Value »

February 14, 2002

How to round a time value to a specific value.

Use MsgBox to Execute Optional User Choice »

February 13, 2002

I would like something which the user gets asked a question and yes leads to macro and no does nothing.

Excel Copy Subtotals »

February 12, 2002

How to copy only the subtotal rows to a new Excel range.

Protecting Specified Data Using VBA »

February 12, 2002

How to use workbook events to enable range selection.

Hiding a Range Depending Upon User Selection »

February 11, 2002

If a control checkbox is not checked then I would like to hide specific rows and columns automatically with VBA.

Text to Columns Using VBA »

February 10, 2002

How to text to columns using VBA.

Summarize Data with Pivot Table »

February 9, 2002

How to summarize data with pivot table.

Setting Cell Font with VBA »

February 8, 2002

How to set cells font with VBA.

Validating Inputbox Entry »

February 7, 2002

How to validate inputbox entry by using macro.

Maximized View in Open »

February 6, 2002

How can I make sure Excel opens my file maximized?

Excel Autoshapes »

February 5, 2002

Free Drawing 98 application from Microsoft to jazz up the drawing toolbar with 139 easy to use symbols for Excel.

Find and Remove Strings »

February 5, 2002

Is there any way I can simply remove certain characters from a text string?