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Have IF Function to Return Yes or No »

February 27, 2002

How to have IF function to return Yes or No.

Excel Feet To Inches »

February 26, 2002

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column of lengths in the format of 12' 6 7/8". How can I use Excel to convert this to decimal feet?

Close Workbook without Saving with VBA »

February 26, 2002

How to close a workbook without saving it by using VBA.

Create and Name a Worksheet with VBA »

February 25, 2002

How to create and name a new worksheet with Visual Basic for Applications - VBA

Unmerge Cells Easily »

February 22, 2002

I tried to remove the check mark from the "Merge Cells" box but the option was unavailable.

How to Create Top List »

February 21, 2002

Need a formula to add the 9 highest valued cells out of 11 cells.

Changing Grade Numbers to Letters »

February 20, 2002

How to manually change the number grades to letters.

Excel Data Map »

February 19, 2002

Have you ever tried the data map application in Excel?

Working with Time Formats »

February 19, 2002

I would like to know how I could actually remove the colon from the time value without it turning to decimal.

Insert Image into Worksheet Footer »

February 18, 2002

How to insert logo into Excel as a footer to appear on every sheet.

How to Filter Out Duplicate Data »

February 17, 2002

I work closely with comparative lists and need to learn how to either identify duplicate cells or even better filter out duplicates.

Keeping Excel from Changing Data to Dates »

February 16, 2002

Excel changes entered data to dates automatically!